Report from 27 April 2000 Planning Meeting

Scott Bennett


Participants in the 13 April meeting returned on the 27th to consider the Four Propositions and the Orbis 2 Project Plan. Participants were asked to comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the organizational structure sketched in the Four Propositions and on the opportunities and threats posed by that structure.

In commenting on the proposed organizational structure, participants were keenly aware of the considerable investment of library staff time, attention, and energy that LMS migration will require, however it is organized. Participants spoke of the many other initiatives the library is now pursuing and of the need to conduct our migration work as efficiently as possible. At the same time, they spoke of the many valuable opportunities for individual and organization development inherent in LMS migration. In this environment, and given the nature of the evaluation exercise, the participants saw that virtually every strength of the proposed organizational structure had a concomitant weakness, and that most opportunities for organizational development offered by LMS migration posed a threat to our ability to accomplish other important things.

Polarities. Participants expressed different views about the following polar values and about the extent to which the proposed organizational structure was likely to move toward one or another of these polar positions:

Other considerations. Participants expressed a variety of views on other subjects, including:

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