FROM: Scott Bennett

DATE: 3 Apr 2001

The Orbis2 Migration Management Group (MMG) will open contract negotiations with Endeavor Information Systems as the provider of our next library management system.

This decision is the outcome of ten months of assessment work. We set demanding criteria for our new system and investigated four impressive LMS products with care, visiting other libraries and vendor headquarters as well as conducting rigorous on-site evaluations. This ten-month process has involved over 130 library staff and engaged the strong interest of the Advisory Committee on Library Policy as well.

I know I speak for everyone at the Yale Library in expressing our appreciation to the vendors who have been so responsive to the needs of our assessment. I want also to express my heartfelt gratitude to the library staff who have worked so energetically, so intelligently, and so committedly to build our collective understanding of the choices we have in our next LMS.

MMG has shared with library staff and ACLP its case statement favoring Endeavor as our new LMS provider. That case engendered well-informed, cogent, and even passionately felt rejoinders as well as statements of support. MMG considered very carefully the cases for the two vendors we investigated most closely. We found ourselves in the happy position of being able to achieve notable advances in reader services and library operations with either vendor. On balance, MMG felt that Endeavor is the better choice for the Yale University Library.

The library has conducted a fully informed, lively, and instructive debate on the choice of LMS vendors. With the decision now made, we will turn our energies to the even more demanding tasks of specifying our contract with Endeavor and implementing the new system over the next year. These are tasks that will draw on the same library staff energy, intelligence, and commitment that so informed our assessment work. Knowing my colleagues and their deep professionalism, I have no doubt that our contract will represent our requirements powerfully, that the system implementation will be highly successful, and that starting in July 2002 readers will feel how much better served they are because of today's decision for a new library management system.