June Forecast

The Orbis2 Migration Management Group (http://www.library.yale.edu/orbis2/public/wkgroup/mmgroup.html) is pleased to announce four demonstrations of next generation library management systems. All staff are invited to attend.

These full-day demos are scheduled as follows:

Tuesday,13 June, Innovative Interfaces (http://www.iii.com)

Tuesday, 20 June, Sirsi (http://www.sirsi.com)

Thursday, 22 June, Endeavor (http://www.endinfosys.com)

Thursday, 29 June, Ex Libris (http://www.aleph.co.il)

Each vendor will conduct educational demos to introduce staff to the capabilities of next generation library management systems. These sessions will not be detailed system evaluation demos. Instead, expect to see a quick overview of system functionality with special emphasis on each vendor's cutting-edge developments. Multi-day, hands-on evaluation demonstrations will be scheduled later in the year in Sept-Nov.

Each demo will start at 9am and end by 4:30pm. Detailed agendas indicating at what time each module will be presented, e.g., circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, etc., will be posted to YULIB after June 1st.

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