May 2000 Activities Report
Scott Bennett


This is the second of thirty monthly reports on the status of the Yale
University Library's migration to a new Library Management System (LMS).
The complete report may be found on the Orbis2 website ( ).

Comments about this material and the library's migration activities are
most welcome. Such comments can made publicly on the YULIB listserv or
addressed individually to Audrey Novak ( ).


The Orbis2 Migration Management Group completed writing the statement of
the library's threshold requirements (
ml) for a new LMS.

The Migration Management Group wrote charges for five Work Groups
( that will
be asked to establish the criteria by which we will judge candidate
systems.  The groups will be concerned with reader needs, database records,
reports, systems, and business relations. Each group will be asked to
develop both a general description of the automation environment within
which the library wishes to work and a checklist of specific system

The Migration Management Group recruited chairs for each of the Work
Groups and established principles that will guide the chairs and Audrey
Novak in recruiting members for each work group. The full membership of the
Work Groups will be posted as soon as it is known -- check the Criteria
Work Group page

The Migration Management Group identified sophisticated linking
capabilities as a feature it would like to see strongly developed in the
new LMS, though it is unlikely that any new system now offers very robust
linking. The Group decided to deal with linking, and with other
capabilities that define our vision for the future (rather than what we are
likely able to buy now) as special inquiries. The Group will ask the Work
Groups to identify other such "vision" issues as they pursue their charges.

Audrey Novak completed scheduling daylong educational demos
( for four
vendors: Innovative Interfaces (13 June), Sirsi (20 June), Endeavor (22
June), and Ex Libris (29 June). The complete schedule of events for each
day has been posted to YULIB and reminder notices will be posted before
each demo.

The Migration Management Group identified a number of meetings with
systems vendors and with colleagues at other libraries that various Yale
staff should pursue at the upcoming ALA meetings. All library staff
attending ALA are encouraged to visit vendor exhibits and to confer
informally with colleagues at ALA, to the extent their other meeting
obligations permit.


Much of the effort in June will be to support the Work Groups in whatever
way they may need. The Orbis2 Migration Management Group will start
deliberating on a second set of Work Groups that will be charged with
developing test scripts for the multi-day demos planned for the fall. The
Migration Management Group will also deliberate further on the handling of
"vision" issues, such as linking.