April 2000 Activities Report
Scott Bennett

This is the first of thirty monthly reports on the status of the Yale University Library's migration to a new Library Management System (LMS). An abstract of these reports will be posted to YULIB. Links within the YULIB posting will direct readers to the full report on the LMS Migration Website.

These reports will provide a convenient summary account of LMS migration activities and the thinking that informs them. The reports and the numerous documents that will be available at the Web site are meant to insure efficient communication, foster collaboration between the various Orbis2 working groups, and help support the library-wide learning that is essential to a successful migration effort.

Comments about this material and the library's migration activities are most welcome. Such comments can made publicly on the YULIB listserv or addressed individually to Audrey Novak, the LMS Migration Project Manager, by using the email link on the Web site or by sending a message directly to Audrey at

A group of about 30 library staff responded to invitations sent to every library department to participate in a pair of April planning sessions. These sessions were designed, with the help of Kate Reynolds and Chris Weideman, to stimulate library-wide thinking about how the library might best organize itself for its LMS migration work.

Participants in the full day 13 April meeting identified a set of capabilities the library needs for LMS migration, a set of values that should inform the migration, and a set of predictors for success. Closely allied to these were some themes that played through the 13 April meeting.

This report includes Four Propositions for an organizational structure capable of seeing LMS migration through to completion.

Participants in the 13 April meeting returned on the 27th for a half day meeting to consider the Four Propositions and the preliminary Orbis2 Project Plan. A PDF version of the Project Plan is also available from the Orbis2 website.

Following the 27 April meeting, Scott Bennett invited several persons to serve on the Migration Management Group.

The LMS migration tasks for May include the following:

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