Default Searching in WebVoyage

YUL Catalog only or YUL, Law and CRL

(Ellen Cordes, Audrey Novak)

MMG Meeting January 29, 2002


Within WebVoyage, the Voyager online catalog, we have the option of creating a default search:
- against just the YUL catalog
- as a simultaneous search against YUL and Law, or
- as a simultaneous search against YUL, Law and CRL.
The question to be answered by the MMG is which option should we implement as the default search?

Issues to consider:

1) The reader cannot re-define the default search. For example, if set as a simultaneous search against YUL and Law all searches will be executed against both databases. To narrow the search, the reader would have to limit by location.

2) A significant caveat is that in the current release simultaneous searching does not work well. If the MMG determines that one of the simultaneous search options is preferable, the implementation of that option will depend on the success of the bug fix that is included within the next release (available Feb). Also, simultaneous searching will require testing to determine impact on response time.

3) We contracted for the Ex Libris MetaLib product.  Once implemented MetaLib will act as a gateway to local and remote databases.  Through MetaLib, we will be able to broadcast searches across databases such: Yale Finding Aids and Insight.  We can include Law and CRL at this level.

4)  Nothing we decide is permanent.

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