Reserve Fines

No. Situation Name Situation Name Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
1 Requests for placing items on reserve Demonstrate (or if necessary describe) how requests for reserve items are made by faculty   1      
2   Demonstrate ability for faculty to create reserve lists in the OPAC and automatically deliver it to library staff. What do staff receive? Is it an email, a form or a partially completed reserve transaction? How can faculty designate the correct reserve unit (location)? 2   Desirable no
3   __ A. Show how that information is imported into the reserves system.   3     no
4   __ B. Show how the requests can be used as a work list (e.g., sorted by location and call number for paging, printed, etc.)   4     no
5 Faculty notification Demonstrate (or display) an electronically generated list of items on past semesters' courses that is sent to faculty before each new semester.   5   Important  
6 Faculty submit other information Show how faculty can electronically submit information on other books (items not in the OPAC) and personal copies that they will be providing to the library for reserve.   6     no
7 Other options Illustrate any other option(s) within your system for faculty to submit reserve book information to the libraries.   7     N/A
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes
1 Creating a course reserve record Show how a reserve course is created. What information is included in course reserve record? 1  
2 Updating a course reserve record Update a course reserve record.   2  
3 Delete a course reserve record Delete a course reserve record.   3  
4 Interoperability Does the reserve database interact with other information resources on campus? Can your system interact with courseware software such as Demonstrate. 4  
5 Faculty and course database Is there a course reserve instructor/professor database in your course reserve system? Is it manually created or can it be populated with data from another campus source? Can the courses database be populated with data from another campus source?   5  
6 Updating course reserve information in batch If course reserve instructor/professor and courses information can be loaded with data from another campus source, can it also be updated through batch loads? Can course status be modified in batch (example: from active to cancelled)?   6  
7 Bulk activation Demonstrate or describe the steps in establishing courses in advance of a semester and then bulk (batch) activating the courses at the start of the semester.   7  
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
1 Placing barcoded items on reserve Show the steps involved in placing barcoded items on reserve. Are there any items in the collection that cannot be placed on reserve? For example, can a Reference book be placed on reserve?   1     N/A
2 Placing non-barcoded items on reserve Show steps involved in placing non-barcoded items on reserve (bibl record is in the database but the item record has yet to be created). Show procedures.   2     no
3 Temporary records Show the steps involved in placing personal items (books, photocopies, etc.) donated from faculty on reserve? Show the steps involved in that process.   3     yes
4   __ A. Are (temporary) barcodes required or are they optional?   4     N/A
5 Efficient processing Show most efficient way of placing 20 items on reserve for a single course - 10 are barcoded and share a loan period, 5 are barcoded and use a different loan period, 5 more are faculty personal copies and no records for these exist in the database. Show what happens when a 16th item is placed on reserve by mistake -- delete this reserve transaction.   5      
6 Multiple copies Show the steps involved in placing multiple copies of identical items (problem set solutions, for example) on reserve.   6      
7 One item/Multiple courses Demonstrate placing a single item on reserve for multiple courses offered the same semester. Demonstrate placing a single item on reserve for multiple courses offered in different semesters.   7   Desirable  
8 One course reserve list for multiple faculty/courses Demonstrate multiple faculty and courses sharing a single course reserve list.   8   Desirable  
9 Temporary records in the system Demonstrate how temporary reserve records reside in the system? Are they part of the reserves module exclusively? Do they appear in the OPAC? If they are searchable, show how they are searchable. Can these items be suppressed from displaying in the OPAC? If so, demonstrate.   9     N/A
10 Temporary record for two courses A copy of a book belonging to a faculty member has been put on reserve using a temporary record. Can this item be put on reserve for another course that same term? For a course taught in a successive term? Demonstrate.   10     N/A
11 Library owned and temporary records not on reserve What happens to library owned and temporary records when they are not on current reserve? For example, are they still searchable in A. the reserve module and B. the OPAC?   11     yes
12 Reactivate library owned and temporary record Show the procedure to re-activate a library owned and a temporary item record for A. the same course for which it was on reserve previously and B. for another reserve course. Is there an expiration date attached to the records? If so, can it be updated? is that updating information tracked?   12     yes
13 Updating library owned and temporary records Show the steps involved in updating and deleting library owned and temporary records. Is there an option of updating and deleting individually or in bulk? Does a deletion completely remove the record and the barcode from the system? Is there a reverse on deletions? What are the steps involved?   13     N/A
14 Pending reserve Show how the "pending" reserve function works in your system. Can any item processed in advance of the upcoming term circulate for a standard loan period until the beginning date of fall term? Can this be changed, overridden? How and by whom?   14     no
15 Notices for pending reserve Would notices automatically be generated to those who have checked out these pending reserve books notifying them that those items are due by the beginning of the first day of the term? If not automatically generated, how are they generated? If not returned can a special (higher) overdue fine be assessed?   15     yes
16 Activating pending reserves How are pending reserves activated at the start of the semester? Is activation a manual or automated process (or both). If manual, please demonstrate. If automated, please describe.   16     no
17 Rush recall for reserve Illustrate the rush recall for reserve function. How are notices generated and distributed? What happens when two different reserve units put a rush recall for reserve on the same book?   17     yes
18 Rush recalls returned Show what happens when the rush recall for reserve item is returned to A. the requesting library reserve unit or B. another library unit. What messages are generated when the item is checked in? After the book is returned, is the information about the reserve course for which the item is requested available/viewable?   18     N/A
19 Recall on item with a hold Demonstrate this scenario: an item with existing holds and recalls is placed on reserve and a recall for reserve is issued. What happens to the hold and recall that were placed before the material was needed for reserve?   19     yes
20 Bulk (batch) rush recalls Demonstrate (or describe) automatic rush recalls -- the ability to generate bulk Rush Recalls for all materials needed for reserve on a library specified number of days before course activation.   20   Essential  
21 Ordering materials for reserve For items requested for reserve that are not in the library system (not owned by the library), illustrate demonstrate link with the Acquisition database for book ordering. Show how course reserve orders are automatically flagged as rush with a shorter claiming cycle. A. System gives priority to recall for reserve. B. All other holds or recalls are cancelled; C. Patrons who have placed a hold/recall on item receive email notification that their hold or recall has been canceled. 21     no
22 Sorting reserve courses Show how information can be sorted within the reserves processing function. Show how items can be sorted by reserve course record (by course number), by faculty, and any other sort options?   22     no
23 Sorting information w/in course record Within each reserve course record, show the following sorts: A. By title (main entry), B. by call number (when call numbers include both LC and old Yale); C. by date put on reserve; D. by temp. record (personal copy), and E. any other sorting options.   23     no
24 Searching reserve items Show how items on reserve can be searched within the reserves processing function. Demonstrate all search options within the reserve function. A. title (main entry); B. call number; C. date put on reserve; D. brief record (personal copy); E. barcode; F. course, and G. any other searching options. 24   Essential no
25 Inactive reserve transactions Search and display inactive reserve transactions. For example, display transactions from semesters in 99 and 2000.   25     N/A
26 Searching reserves in public mode Show the various ways reserves can be searched in the by the public and OPAC (example, by course number, instructor name, book title, call number, etc).   26     yes
27 Display of course information. Display all information about a course that is available to the public and through the OPAC.   27     yes
28   __ A. Is Instructor displayed? Name and what additional info?   28      
29   __ B. Are course beginning and ending dates displayed?   29      
30   __ C. Is course number and name displayed?   30      
31   __ D. What is displayed about each item on reserve? How are multiple copies of the same title displayed? Are call numbers (LC and Old Yale) displayed correctly?   31      
32 Sort Are there sort options for the course reserve display? What are they? Demonstrate.   32     no
33 Display of professor's copies Are professor's personal copies, which has been put on reserve, searchable through the OPAC? No. Item can only be found when viewing the reserve course record online. (Because of copyright law, personal copies, whether an article from a journal given to us by a professor or their own personal copy of a book, are supposed to be limited to members of a class.) 33     no
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
1 Loan period Set up a reserve course as a two-hour loan. A.Put ten items on reserve for this course. B. Charge out two of these items. C.Check them in. Does the check in screen indicate that these are reserve items being returned?   1     N/A
2   __A. Change the loan period for one item to one hour   2      
3   __B. Change the loan period for five items to three hours   3      
4   __C. An item has been put on reserve for a two hour loan. Charge it out for 24 hours to a student with special permission. Staff should be able to place some items on reserve for a course with a different loan period than that used by most items for that course. 4      
5   __D. Change out one item an hour before closing. What is duetime?   5      
6 Holds on reserves Attempt to place a hold on a reserve item. Hold is blocked. Demonstrate how staff might override block. What level of permission is required to override? 6     N/A
7 Displaying course reserve charges on patron record From a patron record, is there a way to identify which of the items the patron has charged out are reserve items?   7     no
8 Max. number of reserve charges Demonstrate exceeding max. number of reserve charges. Example: Library A allows patron to have only one reserve charge at a time, but library B does not have a limit. Demonstrate and explain reserve charge limits.   8      
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
  Generating reports Show the steps involved in generating the following reports and make sample reports available:         N/A
1   A. A report for faculty indicating current status of course reserve requests.   1     N/A
2   B. A course by course report for faculty indicating usage statistics of each item on their reserve lists.   2     N/A
3   C. A report of the personal copies faculty donated to the library for use for reserve.   3     N/A
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
1 Taking off reserve Show the procedures for taking a single book off reserve.   1     N/A
2 Taking off multiple books Show the procedures for taking multiple books off reserve for one class.   2     N/A
3 Bulk (batch) deactivation Demonstrate (or describe) bulk (batch) deactivation of course reserve items at the end of the semester.   3   Essential yes
4 Taking off reserve for indiv classes Demonstrate removing an item from reserve that was on reserve for 4 different classes? How would that procedure be changed if it was going off reserve for 3 classes but being retained for 1?   4     N/A
5 Reserve history Demonstrate how an item retain previous reserve information for future use, I.e., can it be archived until needed again (e.g., in two years)? Can it retain such information as the previous course number, course name, professor's name, semester/yr. it was last on reserve? Will your system retain the number of times an item was placed on reserve? 5     yes
6 Purging of reserve items Demonstrate (or describe) ability to bulk (batch) purge reserve items, course, faculty that have been inactive for a locally designated period of time.   6   Important yes
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
1   Demonstrate the electronic reserve module?   1   Important  
2 Links Describe the interaction between reserve course lists in a traditional reserve module and an electronic reserve system.   2     no
3 Item records Demonstrate the electronic reserve module:   3   Important no
4   __Searching a course and selecting an full-text reserve item   4      
5   __ Display of full-text reserve item. Can it be printed? Can it be emailed?   5      
6   __ Explain rights management component and demonstrate how usage information is collected   6      
7   __ Archiving capability   7      
8   __ Copyright fee reports   8      
9 Various item types Can your reserve module accommodate all types of item records (books, journals, pdf's, links to full text databases, etc) which may processed for reserve and placed on a course reserve list? Each course reserve record should be able to contain item records for all required reserve readings for that course, regardless of item type. 9     no
10 Patron authentication Demonstrate whether the system can associate students who login with specific classes for e-reserve copyright purposes?   10   Important no
No. Situation Name Situation Description Objective No. Notes Rating from Criteria Documents In Orbis?
1 Fines accrue Show how fines accrue on reserve items. Can a staff member adjust reserve fines for a particular item?   1     N/A
2 Fines for different units Can different reserve units have different fine structures? Can different reserve item types have a different fine structure?   2     no
3 Fine definition Demonstrate or describe reserve fine structure options. Fines can be charged for what time intervals?   3      
4 Fines on patron record Show a patron record with the display of reserve fines accrued. Demonstrate how reserve fines are identified. Demonstrate how reserves fines are distinguished in the fines display in a patron's record from other fines?   4     yes
5 Display of fines detail Display all information available about a fine for a reserve item. Display information for library holding that is on reserve and for a faculty copy (temp record) on reserve. Are reserve fines displayed in the patron record item by item with complete item title (main entry), author, call number, barcode number, date and time due, checkout location and date and time returned and returned location? 5     no
6 Sorting display Demonstrate whether fine display includes sort options. Can fine display be sorted A. by owning unit or unit where fine accrued; B. by reserve fines only; C. by date accrued? D. Other? 6     no

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