Migration Management Group

October 22, 2001

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

SML Room 409

Present: Alice Prochaska (chair), Debbie McGraw, Susan Crockford-Peters, Fred Martz, Danuta Nitecki, Ann Okerson, Cesar Rodriguez, Alan Solomon, Richard Szary, Marcia Romanansky, Audrey Novak.

Absent: Joan Swanekamp

Guest: David Gewirtz (ITS)

Final Orbis2 Hardware Configurations (Power Point Presentation by David Gewirtz)

1. Review of Important Points

Changing Technology
Conforming to Standards (Voyager)
Hardware Robustness

2. Components

Certified by Endeavor - Equipment specifications are outlined in David's report. The following reports are located on the Migration Management Group Website and require a password to access them.


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