10 Dec 01


TRAINING GROUP (members added to existing Imp Team Groups):

John Morgan, ACQ
Rebecca Hamilton, ACQ
Steven Arakawa, CAT
Karen Spicher, CAT
Cindy Greenspun, CIRC
Chris Killheffer, CIRC
Judy Spak, OPAC
Penny Welbourne, OPAC
Kate Reynolds, Chair





Currently anticipating 3 classes:

  1. A general, lecture-style class in staff-use of the online catalog.
  2. Hands-on, small group class in each module for those people whose primary responsibility is that module’s function, i.e., Acq for Acq staff, Circ for Circ staff, Cat for cat staff.
  3. Hands-on, small group class in how to search and interpret modules for staff who do not specialize in the module, i.e., Circ for non-circ staff, Cat for non-cat staff, etc.


Windows skills: Prior to the Orbis2 training, expert users will evaluate basic windows skills of staff and will coach individuals who need to improve their skills. Staff who are still having trouble with windows skills once Orbis2 training starts will be registered for Orbis2 training classes in which additional support trainers are scheduled.


The order in which the Orbis2 training will be conducted is important:


In order to ensure success, following the Orbis2/NELINET training, staff should practice a minimum of 4 hours per week.

Training will be conducted in the test YALE database that will be created in Feb.  It will include conversions of ALL Yale records from ALL Yale files. 

Training will take place at the Mudd SCML and hopefully additional locations around campus.

Some training will be handled internally (i.e., it will not be included in the program provided by NELINET). Identifying these functions is one of the responsibilities of the training members of the Imp Team. Some examples are:

Course reserves training prior to July may not be possible depending on the delivery of the enhancements we requested. We may need to consider offering a crash course in Course Reserves at the end of July and in August.. Libraries needing to process course reserve material prior to mid-July will be trained in current functionality.

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