Minutes of the Acquisitions Demo Work Group meeting, 2 August 2000

1. The chair reported on the result of the meeting with Steven Arakawa and Libby Hofsas, of the Serials Demo Work Group. Acquisitions will cover the initial subscriptions for serials, and standing orders for annuals and monographic series; Serials will cover "receiving" and records maintenance ( i.e. title changes,

claims , expired actions, relinking of OPRs, index displays for monographic series, etc.). Acquisitions will cover serials prepayments and VITLS, while Serials will deal with back issues and single issues payments for annuals

and monographic series. More meetings will be held as needed.

2. The Acquisitions Group went through the list of "Searching capabilities" in the MIT document and added a few more based on existing local practice. Members will bring samples of records to demo such practices.

3. For background information, short definitions of EDI, NISO, BISAC and SISAC and URLs for relevant websites were distributed.

4. The members offered to stay for longer meetings if needed to complete the task on time. A schedule for the completion of each function will be prepared before the next meeting.

Next meeting: 9 August 2000


1. Wrap-up on searching - 10 minutes

2. Ordering and Order maintenance