Minutes of the Acquisitions Demo Work Group meeting, 9 August 2000

1. Beginning August 16, meetings will be from 9:30-11:00. The extra half hour is needed to meet deadlines.

2. The decision not to have a searching module was reached after reviewing the want list prepared at the previous meeting. All the items on the list were found to be already embedded in or else could easily fit in the other Acquisitions Modules of the MIT document. The members of the Acquisitions Demo Group, having examined the MIT document, are impressed with its thoroughness and clarity.

3. Functions reviewed and discussed: Ordering, Order Maintenance, Receiving/Returns, Invoicing and Vendor Records.

4. The chair will prepare a draft of the scenarios for the functions already discussed.

Next Meeting 16 August 2000 (Wednesday); 9:30-11:00


1. Discuss Rating System and Draft of modules

2. Statistics and Operational Reports

3. Automated Acquisitions

4. Fund Accounting - as time permits