Acquisitons Demo Work Group Minutes 8-16-00

1. The Rating system was discussed.

2. Statistics and Reports - discussed briefly. Will Wheeler will

get back to the Group after talking to the Reports Demo Work Group.

3. Topics reviewed and discussed: Automated Acquisitions up to and

including Fund Accounting.

THERE WILL BE NO MEETING NEXT WEEK, 23 August. That time will be spent reviewing and writing/ rewriting the Draft.

Members are encouraged to review and comment on the the DRAFT of the Acquisitions Module.

Kindly take a look at this module and see if you agree with the ratings. Everything we are able to do now on Orbis and are needed to get our work done, we gave an "essential" rating. Extras that will help us do our work better, but without which we can still do our work are "important". Things that would be good to have but would not eliminate a vendor if they can't deliver, we gave a "desirable".

All the items in red are the ones we made changes to or added. The rests are basically the MIT document. Please let me know of any omissions, additions or corrections.


Next Meeting:

30 August 2000
SSL Conference Room