Acquisitions Demo Work Group
Minutes of July 26, 2000 Meeting
SSL Conference Room, 9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

1. A copy of the Generic Charge to the Demo Work Groups and an Outline showing the scope of the charge to the Acquisitions Demo Work Group was distributed.

2. Vacation schedules were discussed. The Group decided to meet regularly every Wednesday. Work will proceed whether or not every one can attend.

3. Audrey gave a bird's eyeview of the LMS Migration process and then proceeded to explain, in detail, the charge to the Group. Of special interest were the grey areas where functions overlap. The issue should be resolved between the chairs of the groups. Audrey should be notified and if needed, she will intervene.

4. Reports of meetings will be sent to Julia.

5. Periodic progress reports will be sent to Audrey.

Things to do before the next meeting on Aug. 2: