June 14, 2000

In purchasing a new Library Management System (LMS), Yale University Library will enter into a 5-10 year relationship with a system vendor. To a great extent the long-term success of the new LMS depends on the vendor’s commitment to the quality of its support services.

The Business Criteria Work Group (BCWG) is charged with describing the values we seek in the business relationship between Yale and the selected system vendor.

The BCWG is, in many ways, very different from the other evaluation criteria work groups. BCWG can practically ignore the specific nature of the "product" that we are hoping to acquire, and instead ask:

  1. What qualities and resources does the vendor itself, as a vendor, need to possess in order to insure that the library can achieve its goals?
  2. What information do we need in order to evaluate those qualities and resources of the vendor, as distinguished from the vendor’s products?

Our relationship with an LMS vendor will center on the three broad activities outlined below, for each of which we identify a set of evaluation factors: