CATALOGING DEMO WG, Notes from 8/15 meeting

Present: Mickey Koth, Manon Theroux (chair/recorder), Patricia Thurston; absent: Ellen Doon, Rosemary Plotnick, Dajin Sun

1. Schedule for our remaining meetings
2. Discussion of indexing/searching


1. Schedule for our remaining meetings

Manon passed out a draft schedule for our remaining meetings.  We do not have much time to complete our work, so the schedule will be very tight.  We will extend our meeting times from 10-12 instead of 10:30-12.  We will also leave open the possibility of scheduling additional meetings as needed.  At each meeting we will discuss two topics, one hour per topic. The person in charge of each topic will will distribute a draft no later than Monday noon the day before the meeting.  The person will then lead the discussion during the Tuesday morning meeting and, after the meeting, will have until the end of the week to submit an updated draft to Manon.  WG members will come to the meetings having read the draft documents.

Three exceptions:

#1) Mickey will be away on the Wed-Sun before she is due to lead her discussion on 8/22 and she will not have had as much advance notice as the rest of us to complete her draft, so she will not be expected to send an advance draft the day before. 

#2) Mon 9/4 is a holiday, so Manon/Dajin need to send their drafts by noon on the preceding Fri 9/1. 

#3) Our last meeting on 9/19 will feature three topics rather than two (metadata, MARC classification, MARC community information) and Dajin/Patricia/Ellen will have only a one-day turnaround to get their updated drafts to Manon.  This will allow Manon two days to put the finishing touches on our final report, due that Friday.

Here is our schedule:

T 7/25 - introductory meeting with Audrey
T 8/01 - identification of categories/brainstorming
T 8/08 - discussion of record import/export (Manon)

T 8/15 - preliminary discussion of indexing (Mickey)
T 8/22 - discussion of indexing/shelflisting (Mickey)
F 8/25 - Mickey sends indexing/shelflisting final draft to Manon

M 8/28 - Rosemary/Ellen send creating/updating bib records drafts to WG
T 8/29 - discussion of creating/updating bib records (Rosemary/Ellen)
F 9/01 - Rosemary/Ellen send creating/updating bib records final drafts to Manon

F 9/01 - Manon/Dajin send authority work/catalog management drafts to WG
T 9/05 - discussion of authority work/catalog management (Manon/Dajin)
F 9/8 - Dajin sends catalog management final draft to Manon

M 9/11 - Patricia/Rosemary send holding/item records drafts to WG
T 9/12 - discussion of holding/item records (Patricia/Rosemary)
F 9/15 - Patricia/Rosemary send holding/item records final drafts to Manon

M 9/18 - Dajin/Patricia/Ellen send metadata/other MARC drafts to WG
T 9/19 - discussion of metadata/other MARC (Dajin/Patricia/Ellen)
W 9/20 - Dajin/Patricia/Ellen send metadata/other MARC final drafts to Manon

F 9/22 - Manon sends final WG document to Audrey

2. Discussion of indexing/searching

We discussed Mickey's first draft on indexing/searching which is organized by type of heading.  It was suggested that "type of heading" categories be preceded by categories covering general situations that apply across all heading types, rather then repeating the same situation under each heading type.  It was also suggested that we do not need to find specific Orbis records or groups of records that can be used to demonstrate every single situation; that is the vendor's responsibility.  Manon will confirm this understanding with Audrey.  It was also suggested that many of the searching capabilities traditionally associated with OPACs may be useful in a technical services environment and that Mickey should include these (e.g. keyword searching and limiting by format or by language).