Cataloging Demo WG, Notes from 9/8 meeting

Present: Ellen Doon, Mickey Koth, Dajin Sun, Manon Theroux (chair/recorder), Patricia Thurston

1. New Bib Records draft.

The group discussed Manon's draft for creating new bibliographic records.

2. Master Excel Doc draft.

Manon reported that she had begun the task of integrating the various drafts already discussed into a master Excel document. She anticipates that she will be rearranging and editing certain sections in the drafts. She expects to have the first draft of the master document completed by next week and would like feedback on it. The group agreed to add another extra meeting to discuss the master draft. Friday morning seems to work for everyone, so Manon will reserve a room. [note: SML Room 411 has been reserved from 9-10 am on Fri 9/15].