Cataloging Demo WG, Notes from 9/13 meeting

Present: Ellen Doon, Mickey Koth, Dajin Sun, Manon Theroux (chair/recorder), Patricia Thurston.

1. Extended deadline.  Deadline for final document has been extended to Monday, 2 Oct.

2. Revision of schedule.  Extra meetings were added in light of the extended deadline.  The schedule of the remaining meetings is:

F 9/15 - 1st discussion of master doc (9-10am, SML 411)
F 9/15 - Patricia/Mickey send holding/item records final drafts to Manon

M 9/18 - Dajin/Patricia/Ellen send metadata/other MARC drafts to WG
T 9/19 - discussion of metadata/other MARC (Dajin/Ellen/Patricia) (10am-12pm, SML 79)
F 9/22 - 2nd discussion of master doc [added meeting] (9-11am, SML 79)
F 9/22 - Dajin/Patricia/Ellen send metadata/other MARC final drafts to Manon [extended deadline]

T 9/26 - 3rd discussion of master doc [added meeting] (10am-12pm, SML 79)
F 9/29 - 4th discussion of master doc [added meeting] (9-11am, SML 410)

M 10/2 - Manon sends final WG document to Audrey [extended deadline]

3. Mickey's item record draft.  The group discussed Mickey's item record draft.