Cataloging Demo WG, Notes from 9/19 meeting

Present: Ellen Doon, Mickey Koth, Dajin Sun, Manon Theroux (chair/recorder), Patricia Thurston.

1. Metadata. The group discussed Dajin's metadata draft.

2. MARC Format for Community Information. The group discussed Ellen's MARC Community Information Format draft.

3. MARC Format for Classification Data.  Patricia reported that LC is the only institution currently using MARC Format for Classification Data and that no vendor has yet implemented the format.  The group agreed to omit the Format from further consideration, pending Audrey's approval.

4. Web version of final document.  Manon reported that she has mounted the first worksheet from the master document on the web.  The worksheet corresponds to the "Record Exchange" section discussed last Friday.  It still needs final tweaking (esp. additional IDs for specific demo records) but its current form should incorporate everyone's suggestions to date.  The URL is: