July 13, 2000

Meetings of the Document Delivery Group (aka Document Delivery Demonstration Situation Work Group) have been set for Wednesday afternoons from 1:00-3:00 beginning August 2 and continuing through September 20. All meetings will be in SML 411 except for Wednesday, August 9 when we'll meet in SML 409.

ILL management system-specific groups were formed as follows:

Clio - May Robertson and Matthew Beacom

Fretwell Downing VDX -- Carol Jones and Mike DiMassa

Illiad - Susan Burdick and Denise Hersey

Pigasus Wings -- John Gallagher and Mary Angelotti

RLG ILL Manager -- Maureen Malone Jones and Lisa Thomas

Each group will:

(1) Gather comprehensive data on the system from websites, other DDG members, current users, and vendors as necessary.

(2) Use the Document Delivery System Requirements sheet to record information as it's gathered. (The form was distributed at the meeting and is also attached as an Excel document).

(3) Use this information-gathering activity to expand and refine the system requirements listed on the sheet, adding both more detail and more categories where necessary. For instance, we probably need to specify

*each* activity we would expect a reader to be able to accomplish online (request, renew, cancel request, etc.); currently only "Reader requests renewal of material online" appears. As Maureen pointed out at our

meeting this morning, there's also nothing that reflects activities related to failed requests.

(4) Begin to identify each system requirement as ESSENTIAL, IMPORTANT, or DESIRABLE. (For definitions of these terms in the LMS migration setting, see the handout distributed at the meeting or the LMS Management System Migration website at

Danuta will distribute information she collected from various meetings at ALA; try to obtain a copy of the New Jersey State Library document concerning the evaluation of ILL management systems; contact Joan Stein for a copy of Carnegie-Mellon's evaluation document; and contact UConn.

Holly and Sue will become acquainted with the ISO ILL protocol (ISO 10161), the NISO circulation interchange protocol (NCIP), and IPIG (the Interlibrary Loan Protocol Implementors Group of ARL's NAILDD (North American Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery) Project).

A preliminary agenda for our August 2 meeting includes:

-- Expanding the evaluation criteria on the current Document Delivery System Requirements sheet

-- Beginning to identify the Essential, Important, and Desirable elements of an ILL management system

See you August 2!