August 2, 2000


Present: Mary Angelotti, John Gallagher, Mike DiMassa, Holly Grossetta Nardini, Carol Jones, Sue Lorimer, Danuta Nitecki, May Robertson

Absent: Matthew Beacom, Susan Burdick, Denise Hersey, Maureen Malone Jones, Lisa Thomas

Meetings are every Wednesday from 1:00-3:00 in SML 411 (except August 9 when we’ll meet in SML 409)

I. Announcements

ILLiad contacted Carol to inquire whether we would like to have them visit us late in the week of August 14. We decided it was too early to begin to look in depth at any one vendor. Carol will contact them.

Audrey Novak will meet with us on August 9 to discuss the formation of the Orbis2 Document Delivery Work Group. Although the work of this group will be conducted by the entire Document Delivery Group, official Orbis2 Work Group membership will exclude those already serving on other Orbis2 work groups (Matthew, Denise, Carol, and Susan).

Danuta reported that Carnegie Mellon didn’t produce an RFP for an ILL management system, but will forward relevant parts of an earlier message from Joan Stein concerning their evaluation process. She received no response from either Cal Tech or the New Jersey State Library concerning their evaluation procedures. She did share copies of a document the Library of Congress is using to solicit evaluations of Warehouse Management Systems and felt there were elements included there that we could incorporate. She will also share with us copies of the LSF software procurement process document and of the internal document developed for review of the LSF systems.

II. Report of the Document Delivery Group to SQIC (August 9)

The final report of the first Document Delivery Group will be presented to SQIC by Danuta and Holly. An update on the work of our group would be scheduled for August 23 or possibly after Labor Day. Only a brief written document would be expected at that time, a half page at most.

III. Our timetable

The Group agreed on the following timetable through September 20:

    1. Completion of requirements document: end of August 16 meeting
    2. Completion of the designation of each element (essential, important, desirable): end of August 23 meeting
    3. Comparison of systems to requirements document and selection of those to invite for October demonstrations; formation of groups to review requirements in each category and reformulate for LMS demonstration situations (August 30)
    4. Review text of demonstration situations (September 13)
    5. Review revised text of demonstration situations if needed (September 20)

IV. The document delivery system requirements document

We decided to structure our requirements document in the following way:

    1. Introduction
    2. A discussion of the environment in which we’re currently working [Sue will write]

    3. Sections that define the progress of a request or item
      1. Patron submits request [Carol]
      2. Known citation; specify time needed, cost will pay, pick-up location

      3. Item is located in an on- or off-campus collection [May will write]
      4. Request for item sent to provider [John will write]
      5. Provider locates the item and sends it [Holly will write]
      6. Item received and processed [Mary will write]
      7. Item delivered to patron
      8. Patron returns item
      9. Item processed for return to provider
      10. Item received by provider

[This outline defines the progress of a request/item in a filled/found scenario; be sure to enumerate requirements when a search or a process is unsuccessful as well.]

    1. Sections addressing other system requirements
      1. Tracking status of request and item
      2. Reports and statistics
      3. Financial management (accounts receivable and payable, both patron and institutional)
      4. Notification (communication of tracking)
      5. Business performance
      6. Protocol compliance (ISO, NISO)
      7. Systems requirements (NT, Unix, etc.)

Assignments have been made to write drafts of the first six sections of the requirements for the next meeting. These sections should include:

    1. A narrative overview of the basic expectations of the system in that particular functional area.
    2. A summary of specific requirements taken from
    1. The existing Document Delivery System Requirements sheet
    2. The Library of Congress Warehouse Management System questionnaire (to be distributed via campus mail)
    3. The LSF Software Proposal review sheet (to be distributed via campus mail)

We will meet again on Wednesday, August 9 from 1:00-3:00 in SML 409.