August 16, 2000


Present: Mary Angelotti, Matthew Beacom, John Gallagher, Holly Grossetta Nardini, Sue Lorimer, Danuta Nitecki, May Robertson

Absent: Susan Burdick, Mike DiMassa, Carol Jones, Maureen Malone Jones

  1. Announcements

Sue reported briefly on the EDD demonstration that the Library Systems Office and Dan Chudnov from ITS/Medical presented on Monday, August 14:

It was suggested that documents remain on the server four weeks but that the message sent to readers report that the document will be available only two weeks. There was comment that in the event the program is expanded to include the social sciences and humanities, two weeks may prove too short a time for full use of an item by faculty and students. The possibility of holding the documents in Ariel rather than deleting them upon posting was also mentioned.

No dissenting comments were raised.

The Group agreed that it would like to review this text.

  1. Discussion of the proposed August 9 to August 30 timetable

This work was divided as follows:

Business Criteria (Denise)

Readers Criteria (Mary)

Records Criteria (Matthew)

Reports Criteria (Holly, with assistance from Carol, who chaired this Criteria Group)

Systems Criteria (Sue)

In the brief discussion of how we might weight the importance of each section, or step, of the process we developed the following procedure:

As a Group, will decide in the August 23 meeting how many points (from 10-1) we will assign to the importance of the elements in each step in the selection of a document delivery system (if necessary we may have to then assign points to various elements within each step)

Then each vendor dyad will review their system and, after completing the evaluation form for their system, will assign a point count from 10-1 on how well their vendor’s systems performs in each category (or step). This will allow us to compute overall relative scores foreach system in each area and as a whole.

  1. Discussion of each section of the evaluation document

4. Review of the system evaluation document will continue with Steps 10-15 at the August 23 meeting.