August 23, 2000

Present: Mary Angelotti, Matthew Beacom, Susan Burdick, John Gallagher, Holly Grossetta Nardini, Carol Jones, Sue Lorimer (Chair), May Robertson

Absent: Maureen Malone Jones, Danuta Nitecki,

1. Announcements

Sue announced Mike DiMassa's resignation from the Group. Mary and John volunteered to write the criteria for Step 6.

2. Discussion of our process to facilitate creating the Demonstration Situations

The Group adopted the suggested System Evaluation Worksheet for use in evaluating our candidate systems (August 30-Sept.6)

In reviewing the system requirements of each Criteria Work Group, Mary suggested that everyone compile a list of all relevant items identified, so they could be reviewed by the Group as a whole (August 30).

The week of August 30-Sept.6, each vendor dyad will review their system and, after completing the evaluation form for their system, will assign a point count from 10-1 on how well their vendor's systems performs in each category (or step). This will allow us to compute overall relative scores for each system in each area and as a whole, by multiplying (a) the weight assigned the evaluation section by (b) the score of that section.

3. The Request for Solution

We completed revision of the first drafts of all steps of the Request for Solution and agreed that when writing the revisions we would title each section "Step [no.][name](August 30)"