September 13, 2000

Present: Mary Angelotti, Matthew Beacom, Susan Burdick, John Gallagher, Holly Grossetta Nardini, Denise Hersey, Carol Jones, Sue Lorimer, Danuta Nitecki, May Robertson

Absent: Maureen Malone Jones

1. Announcements

2. The Group worked through evaluation of the five candidate ILL management systems, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each system and utilizing the System Evaluation Worksheet and the Vendor Comparison Chart that had been devised. It was decided to send our Request for Solution to the following vendors: Fretwell-Downing (VDX), ILLiad, and Pigasus Wings. We eliminated from consideration CLIO and the RLG ILL Manager.

3. It was decided that the Request for Solution will be sent to each vendor as a communication from the Document Delivery Group. Sue will draft the cover letter, using as a model the conveyance letter accompanying Yale's "basic capabilities" document that was sent to potential LSF locator system providers.

4. Sue reported that there's some confusion about the completeness of the final Criteria document that Audrey sent to all Demonstration Situation Work Group chairs. She's following up with Audrey about this and may report via email that it's necessary for everyone who reviewed the Criteria Work Groups' draft documents to make one last sweep through the final document to make sure we've incorporated all relevant criteria.