September 27, 2000


Present: Matthew Beacom, Susan Burdick, Holly Grossetta Nardini, Denise Hersey, Carol Jones, Sue Lorimer, Danuta Nitecki

Absent: Mary Angelotti, John Gallagher, Maureen Malone Jones, May Robertson

  1. Announcements

Sue announced that she had attended a meeting of the Demonstration Situation Work Group chairs on September 26. Audrey reported that the LMS vendors are slow in responding to the Library's criteria document so all the Demonstration Situation groups now have until mid-October to complete work on their documents if they want the extra time. The LMS vendor demos are now being scheduled for November and early December.

Holly reported that Wes Most at ITS will handle all Perl scripting for the Electronic Document Delivery project and that we will soon gain control of our web pages for this project. Kline will begin their pilot project using Ariel and Prospero sometime the week of October 2. Ernie Marinko will be asked to install Prospero on the Sterling ILL Ariel machine.

Danuta reported that she had talked with Scott about the funding for the document delivery management system. The funds will come from those set aside for the process improvement initiative, so we will need to demonstrate that the acquisition of this system will positively impact

Danuta also announced that the Library Systems Office has committed three working days in their allocation of staff time to the involvement of one of their staff members in our Group's vendordemonstrations. There are two Systems staff interested in taking part in our system evaluation process.

  1. The Request for Solution process

The Group approved the final draft of the transmittal letter and the timetable reflected there:

Sue also mentioned that she had received a passing inquiry about why we were pursuing a stand alone system when the Library would be purchasing an entirely new LMS to be implemented the following year. We took a moment to remind ourselves why we're undertaking this project:

  1. We completed review of the remaining sections of the Demonstration Situation document (Sections 1, 10-12).
  2. For our next meeting, October 4, we will all review Holly's summary document from our June workshop (and whatever other individual notes we might have) in order to review the Group's proposed timeline of projects and activities for this year.