Revised August 30, 2000

August 9: Meeting

Interim week: Everyone continues work on their sections of the system evaluation


Each member distributes copies of their draft sections of the system

evaluation document via email prior to the August 16 meeting (each

member also brings printed copies of their drafts to the August 16

meeting for distribution)

August 16: Meeting

Review all section drafts in the meeting, and complete the system evaluation


Discuss precisely how we’ll use this document in the ultimate comparison of the

candidate systems

Produce the document in two formats

Interim week: Assemble all the sections into one document and produce it in two formats;

Distribute the document

Review the reports of the Criteria Work Groups (Business, Readers, Records, Reports, and Systems) to be sure we’ve included all items relevant to Document Delivery and ILL

Continue work on gathering data on individual ILL management systems

August 23: Meeting

Review and edit the system evaluation document

Interim week: Complete all revisions to the evaluation document and distribute

Be sure to use the title "Step [No.][Name] (revised Aug.30)"

Make each step a separate document if you’re revising more than one step

Review the steps of the document and do a preliminary weighting of each using a 10 to 1 scale (10 most important, 1 least important)

Assemble all relevant items from the Criteria Work Groups’ system requirements and make a preliminary comparison to the criteria already in our Request for Solution

Compile a list of all the criteria, noting which Criteria Group’s requirements each came from and its rating (E,I,D)

Identify which criteria already in our document reflect the same requirement and note the Step they’re in (we’ll need to change our language as necessary)

Identify criteria which aren’t in our document and make a suggestion concerning the step where they should be added

August 30: Meeting

Assemble all revisions to the original drafts of our Request for Solution

Review the current timetable and modify it

Discuss precisely how we’ll work with the Criteria Work Groups’ requirements

Using the sections of the Request for Solution, determine how the factors we’ve identified in the evaluation of each ILL management system will be weighted (10 to 1)

Interim week: Review the requirements defined by the Criteria Work Groups (CWG) and

select those relevant

Send the selected requirements to the DDG, following the format outlined in

the August 30 minutes

Incorporate the selected requirements into the sections of the RFS, following

the procedure outlined in the August 30 minutes

Produce the System Evaluation Worksheet using the revised text of the RFS

(Sue will distribute the Worksheet template)

Send (a) the text of the revised section of the RFS (called revision Sept.6), and

(b) the Worksheet to Sue (they don’t have to be distributed to the entire Group)

September 6: Meeting

Brainstorm a few demonstration situations based a completed System Evaluation Worksheet for one section of the RFS

Interim week: Review the entire text of the RFS (Sue and Holly)

Complete all demonstration situations (each individual section)

Vendor dyads will complete the systems evaluation using the System Evaluation Worksheet

September 13: Meeting

Review final drafts of the the demonstration situations

Compare of our candidate systems to the completed System Evaluation Worksheet

Decide on the candidate systems to invite for demonstrations in October (i.e. to whom to send the RFS)

Interim week: Issue the RFS (who will do this?)

Complete the demonstration situations

September 20: Meeting

Review the final demonstration situations for submission to Audrey by Sept.22