Evaluation Work Group


The charge to members of the Evaluation Work Group will be to participate in the demonstration or small group session appropriate to the evaluator's specific assignment; to engage the vendor in a discussion about a particular feature of its LMS to the extent necessary to ensure we fully understand how well the vendor's product meets our needs in that particular in that area; to fill out the evaluation form, and to work with other group members to write a narrative report summarizing strengths and weaknesses of both vendors and making a recommendation for purchase.

Meetings, Minutes and Documents


Holly Grossetta Nardini, Chair

Functional Evaluation Group

Specialized Evaluation Group



Ellen Cordes

*Karen Reardon

Kim Parker

Kalee Sprague

Suzanne Eggleston

Suzanna Lengyel

*Charles Greenberg

Will Wheeler

Susan Crockford-Peters

Judy Parker


Denise Hersey

Non-Roman Script

Susan Burdick

Simon Samoeil

*Marybeth Bean

*Rich Richie

Huei-Ju Chang (Polly)


Daniel Lovins

Manon Theroux

Patricia Thurston

Mickey Koth

Clavin Hsu

*Martha Conway

Meng Tang


Systems Issues

Carol Jones

Jeff Barnett

David Gewirtz

Edith Baradi

Roy Lechich

*Marcia Romanansky

Jim Shetler

*Fred Martz

Rebecca Hamilton

Wesley Most



Pat Simon

*Kalee Sprague

Fanny Hsieh

Audrey Novak

*Steven Arakawa

Suzanna Lengyel

Libby Hofsas

Gail Barnett

Document Delivery/ILL

Business, Contract

*Mary Angelotti

*Scott Bennett

Denise Hersey

Audrey Novak

Susan Burdick

Debbie McGraw

Carol Jones

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