LMS Evaluation Work Group

Thursday, November 9, 2000

9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

SML Spoon




All members of the work group introduced themselves.

Holly explained that the large Evaluation Work Group is actually composed of two groups:

Functional Evaluation Groups

Specialized Evaluation Groups

Overview to LMS Project

Audrey Novak, the LMS Migration Project Manager, summarized some recent decisions of the Migration Management Group (MMG)

The MMG has been gathering and reviewing a great deal of information about the candidate systems. They are reviewing systems information, hardware configuration options and costs, the results of telephone surveys of other sites, and the vendors' replies to our Criteria documents. The MMG decided that based on this information it would attempt to identify only two systems for exhaustive return demonstration sessions in January. The MMG was motivated in this by the realization that each of the demonstration sessions is likely to require, library-wide, something like 300 days of full-time equivalent staff effort. Their decision is expected Dec 13th.

Audrey is preparing a systematic, comparative analysis of the vendor responses to the criteria document. These reports will be available for consultation. They vary in length and complexity.

Overall the systems appear to be competitive. Our evaluation will determine the areas where there is better capability in one system.

A Site Visit Work Group has been created to visit libraries where the two vendors have installed systems. They will begin work after December 13.

Audrey emphasized that


Evaluation Process

The Group discussed the actual evaluation process.


Timeline for WG

Holly outlined the timeline of the Group’s work


Point Person for Each Group

Holly asked each small group to nominate a point person. These contacts are:


Charles Greenberg


Marybeth Bean


Martha Conway


Marcia Romanansky


Steven Arakawa

Document Delivery/ILL

Mary Angelotti




Karen Reardon

Non-Roman Script

Rich Richie

Systems Issues

Fred Martz


Kalee Sprague

Business, Contract

Scott Bennett