Migration Management Group

October 16, 2001

12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

SML Room 409

Present: Alice Prochaska (chair), Debbie Mcgraw, Susan Crockford-Peters, Fred Martz, Danuta Nitecki, Ann Okerson, Cesar Rodriguez, Joan Swanekamp, Marcia Romanansky, Audrey Novak.

Absent: Richard Szary, Alan Solomon.

  1. Request from the Circulation Imp Team regarding policy changes.
Prior to this meeting a request from the Circulation Implementation Team about policy changes was distributed to the MMG members. This letter reads as follow:


28 Sept 2001

From: Circ Implementation Team

Re: Policy changes

It has become apparent that in order for the Circulation Implementation Team to accomplish its mission, some changes to current circulation policies may be necessary. For example, we would like to group together current patron categories that have identical or nearly identical permissions. If they are not identical, we are considering those items that make them different, and may suggest that these differences be eliminated. Some examples of these limits would be: the number of books a patron can check out, or the number of over due items that a patron can have, or the cutoff point at which a patronís privileges are blocked. Other limits are new options and thus require that we establish new circulation policies (for example, limits on the number of self-shelved items).

There may be other opportunities for suggesting changes that would be service quality improvements, changes that are in response to the evolving needs of patrons, or changes made possible by the fundamental differences between the two systems. These might include changing the intervals that notices are sent to patrons, or the number of notices that patrons receive, or the ability for a library to set its own limits, etc. It is our belief that the enterprise of shaping our new LMS, and the charge given us by our leadership, require us to seize opportunities to seek improvements to meet the needs of our patrons.

Policy changes need approvals and many currently existing groups have an interest in circulation policies (CSG, BAG, SQIC, LMC). We are also keenly aware that we need quick answers on these policy issues in order to proceed with the circulation implementation.

We are requesting that the MMG expedite the process by which such approvals are granted or denied by designating one decision point and by working with the Circ Implementation Group to identify categories of changes that may not need approval.

The MMG agreed that policy questions from the Circulation Team should be referred to Susan Crockford-Peters.

2. Orbis2 Hardware

a) Audrey reviewed the Orbis2 hardware investigation.



b) Previous reports and current situation



3. Update on Endeavor Software Development

Endeavor is not making much progress on our enhancements list which includes: On the other hand we have experienced great support from our vendor during our hardware investigation, migration and dates for training.


Meeting adjourned at 1:37 p.m.

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