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Following the 27 April meeting, Scott Bennett invited several persons to serve on the Migration Management Group. These invitations include the minimal number of persons needed to insure that key realms of broad expertise will be available in the MMG’s deliberations:

As LMS Migration Project Manager, Audrey Novak will serve ex-officio on the MMG. Alice Prochaska (University Librarian) will chair it.

The charge of the MMG will be that proposed to the 27 April meeting, to:

It is possible that the MMG, once convened, will want to amend this charge; it is quite likely that its charge will need to change somewhat as the migration work advances. Members of the MMG participated in the 13 and 27 April meetings and are well aware of the values inherent in our migration work, the polarities we must manage as we carry out migration tasks, and the competing demands on everyone’s time. One of the primary responsibilities of the MMG will be to find the right balance points between the strengths and weaknesses, and between the opportunities and threats, latent in any given MMG decision about the conduct of our migration work.


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