Non-Roman Script Criteria Document

Situation Name: Situation Description: Objective: In Orbis? Rating: Checked? Notes:
1. Priority Languages Can your system support the full USMARC   No for all. See below:    
  Character Set and the proposed UNICODE          
  standard, including the following Non-Roman          
  Character Sets?          
  Chinese     essential    
  Japanese     essential    
  Korean     essential    
  Arabic     essential    
  Hebrew     essential    
  Yiddish     essential    
  Persian     essential    
  Cyrillic languages     important    
  Thai     important    
  Burmese     desireable    
  Khmer     desireable    
2. Training Do you provide non-roman script related training   No essential    
  to public service, and technical services staff          
  for your system?          
1. Bi-Directional a. Can your system support UNICODE for   No essential    
Input/Display languages written left to right as well as          
  right to left?          
  b. Does your system have input/display   No essential    
  capabilities for those languages which are          
  right-aligned such as Hebrew and Arabic?          
  c. Can you switch to a roman language keyboard   No important    
  when you are working in a vernacular MARC          
  field for a right-aligned language?          
2. Keyboard Mapping Does your system support the RLIN Unicode   No essential    
  keyboard for non-roman scripts?          
3. Original Cataloging Can your system support full-level cataloging   No essential    
  using MARC fields supporting Unicode for          
  non-roman scripts?          
4. Searching What are the searching capabilities in your   No essential    
  cataloging module for the MARC fields using          
  non-roman language Unicode encoding for the          
  languages listed above?          
5. Display Capabilites What are the display capabilities for your   No essential    
  cataloging module for the MARC fields using          
  non-roman language UNICODE encoding          
  for the languages listed above?          
6. Overlay of Does your system have the ability to specify the   No essential    
bibliographic bibliographic or authority record that is to be          
records overlaid upon record import, adding the          
  appropriate MARC fields containing non-          
  roman Unicode information from RLIN or OCLC?          
7. Indexing Does your system index the appropriate MARC   No See below:    
  fields for non-roman languages using Unicode          
  encoding for the languages listed above?          
  Appropriate MARC fields used currently by area          
  studies cataloging units for non-roman scripts          
  vary by unit but may include:          
  1XX     essential    
  2XX     essential    
  4XX     essential    
  500     desireable    
  505     essential    
  6XX - including 600, 610, 611, 630, 651     important    
  7XX     essential    
  8XX     essential    
1. Holdings Display Can your system display serial and mult-part   No desireable    
  monograph holdings in non-roman script          
2. Serial Check-In Can your system create serial check-in records   No desireable    
Records using non-roman scripts?          
3. Multi-Part Can your system create multi-part monograph   No desireable    
Monograph check-in records for non-roman scripts?          
Check-In Records            
4. Purchase Orders Can your system create purchase orders which   No essential    
/Bibliographic Info. display bibliographic information in non-roman          
  script languages?          
5. Claims Can your system create claims which display   No essential    
/Bibliographic Info. bibliographic information in non-roman          
  script languages?          
6. Claims Can your system create claim statements in   No desireable    
/Claim statement non-roman script languages?          
7. Automatic Claims Can the claim date be set in your acquisitions   ? important   Does Acquisitions Criteria cover this?
Creation system in order to manage and create claims          
1. Bibliographic Can your system display bibliographic records   No essential    
Record Display using Unicode for non-roman scripts?          
2. Keyboard Is it easy to configure the keyboard for each   No essential    
Configuraton of the non-roman scripts listed under          
  Priority Languages?          
3. Keyboard Display Does your OPAC provide a keyboard map   No essential    
  display/window for patron use while keying in          
  the non-roman languages listed under          
  Priority Languages?          
4. Holdings Display Does your OPAC display bound and current   No desireable    
  unbound holdings in non-roman scripts?          

Last Updated on 9/18/00
By Rich Richie