Online Catalog Demo Situation Work Group
Meeting Notes
August 16, 2000

Present:  Nicole Bouche (chair), Suzanne Eggleston, Emily Horning, Nancy Lyon, Audrey Novak (guest), E.C. Schroeder, Judy Spak

The OPAC Demo Work Group held its first meeting on August 16, 2000.

Following introductions and the selection of a group member to take minutes, chairperson Nicole Bouché asked Audrey Novak to address the group.

Audrey reviewed the timeline for the Orbis2 implementation and explained that there are four types of work groups that are either currently working or will be assigned: criteria, demo, evaluation, and site visit. The work of all of these groups will contribute to the final choice and implementation of the new system. The expectation is that vendors will return in the fall for both show and tell and hands-on demos. The work of the demo situation groups is to devise scenarios that will be used in these visits to show both basic and complex functionality of web catalogs. Audrey also suggested that the demo documents will become an addenda to the final contract. She observed that our document should test the ease of constructing indexes and designing screens, that we could add Yale bibliographic and authority records to the test database if needed, and that the vendor has to be able to complete our demo situation in one day.

After setting the rest of our meeting dates, the group reviewed the functional categories as devised by the Readers' Criteria Work Group, and agreed to use these as a framework for our discussion. The remainder of the meeting was spent in a detailed review of the Checklist for Readers' Criteria.

Next meeting scheduled for August 18, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. in SML 410.

Agenda for 18 August:

Continue review of checklist for Readers' Criteria

Respectfully submitted by Nancy Lyon

August 21, 2000