On-line Catalog Demo Situation Work Group

Meeting Notes

September 19, 2000



Present: Nicole Bouche (chair), Suzanne Eggleston, E.C. Schroeder, Nancy Lyon, Emily Horning, Judy Spak (recording)

The group decided to work on the functional analysis of our areas separately from the criteria document in order to have two points of reference. The group hopes to cover all bases by adopting this approach.

The group reviewed the final Functional Needs for Readers document and compared it with our preliminary working document. Some differences exist, but the majority of the document remained unchanged from the preliminary version the group had been using. This review served as a means of checks and balances for the completeness of our work to date.

Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 1:30 in SML 410. The agenda for the next meeting includes continuing with the review of functional areas as well as further developing the demo script for vendors.

Respectfully submitted by Judy Spak