MEETING NOTES: 21 June 2000



ATTENDING: Carolyn Claflin, Martha Conway, Carol Jones (chair), Jeanette Murdock, and Susanne Roberts

Membership: We welcomed Jeanette Murdock to the Work Group.

Notes of the 6/15/00 meeting: The draft notes were revised, as suggested by Susanne and Martha, to include Collection Development as one of the functional areas for which reports criteria will be developed. We also agreed to use Access Services to encompass Circulation, Reserves, and ILL.

Meeting locations: The meeting scheduled for June 27 will be held in the Sterling Spoon. On June 30 we will meet in Room 411.

Checklist design:

Functional area assignments:

Access Services: Jeanette (Circulation, Reserves) and Carol (ILL)

Acquisitions: Carol and Karen

Administration: Carolyn

Cataloging: Martha

Collection Development: Susanne

General/Systems: Karen

Action: Each Work Group member will compile a list of report criteria for the assigned

functional area, using information from the RFPs as well as information gathered by talking with

colleagues throughout the YUL system. These compilations will be reviewed at our next meeting

and subsequently cumulated into the draft checklist to be submitted to the Project Manager by 3

July 2000.

Next meeting: Our next meeting is scheduled for June 27, 10:30AM-Noon. The agenda will consist of the Action items from these notes.

Meeting notes2.doc