Serials & Binding Demo Group Minutes

August 18, 2000

Present: Steven Arakawa, Geraldine Burke, Fanny Hsieh, Curtis Orio, Stephanie Sherry, Rolfe Gjellstad and Helen Bartlett.

Absent: Elizabeth Hofsas, Pat Simon

 Questions were raised about how examples would be applied by the vendors in the fall demonstrations. While vendors can load bibliographic records, it's unclear how we will be able to cite serial examples involving our volume or record holdings. In devising scenarios, the group was reminded that , unlike NOTIS, payment and checkin will be in separate modules. As a result, these issues will be covered by the Acquisitions Group.

Discussions followed on the various Serial sub-groups, working off the printed copies that were emailed to the group. As always, we are on the lookout for "exceptional" titles.

Questions/Comments arising from the discussions:

How long will the demos last? Hours? Days? Or all week?

When does one set up Predictive Pattern? At the time of Ordering? Upon Receipt?

Do we need a separate form of check-in for Monographic serials?

Are there different types of ways to have NON-predictive check-in?

Will LARS continue to be used? Compatibility with the new system?

Recommendations and alterations were suggested for the sub-groups. All handouts are still in their draft forms.

Next meeting: Friday Aug. 25. Scenarios should continue to be updated. Deadline for updates is Thursday morning.

Respectfully submitted,

Curtis Orio for SBDWG