Serial/Binding Demo WG Meeting.

Minutes: August 25, 2000

Present: Steven Arakawa, Helen Bartlett, Geraldine Burke, Rolfe Gjellstad, Elizabeth Hofsas, Fanny Hsieh, Curtis Orio, Pat Simon, and Stephanie Sherry.

Steven reported that the draft demo documents have been posted on the web at:

We had a discussion on MARC Holdings Demo Draft, specifically, what could be added and edited from the draft. MHLD being the local designation used by Yale, it was decided that MFHD (Marc Format for Holdings Data) will now replace MHLD as the acronym of choice to unify it with national standards.

A few corrections and alterations were made on the draft.


If we set up a publication pattern, can the system add ensuing vols automatically without data entry ?

The discussion merged with the Serial Demo Check-in concerns as it related to the new issues checked in and how they displayed in the MARC holdings.

The Add/Move/Delete/Suppress function was raised for MARC holdings. We need to have Demos for how to Delete/Remove information from the holdings. Also need a Demo for transferring data from one record to another.


  1. Does there have to be a check-in record to update holdings?
  2. Can MFHD be updated without setting up the 853 in advance?

Compression display questions:

  1. What is the default display?
  2. Can we change the display?

The Discussion moved on to the Binding/Labeling Demo Draft

It was underscored that we use line breaks for call number labels. There are many call number formatting differences used on printed labels among the various Yale libraries, and we would want the labelling generating system to be able to handle these differences.


  1. Since we prefer flexibility, are multiple templates a possibility?
  2. How many characters are available per line?
  3. How many lines are available?

The Discussion moved on to the Title Changes Demo Draft.


  1. How to amend records when the title change isn’t noticed at check-in and multiple information is added to the incorrect records.
  2. Can system provide automated support to transfer this information?
  3. Can a check-in record for the new title be created without a corresponding bibliographic record?
  4. What about orbis numbers for the new record.

Next week’s meeting has been canceled. Our next meeting is scheduled for Sept.8.

Respectfully submitted,

Curtis Orio for SBDWG