Serials/Binding Demo Group

Minutes to the Meeting—September 8, 2000

Present: Steven Arakawa, Geraldine Burke, Rolfe Gjellstad, Elizabeth Hofsas, Fanny Hsieh, Curtis Orio, and Stephanie Sherry.

Absent: Helen Bartlett, Pat Simon

This was probably our last group meeting before the September 22 deadline. Some committee members will probably meet in smaller groups. There might also be a reassigning of tasks.


    1. How do notes display in MARC holdings?
    2. Some of the serial demo should also address multipart monographs. The group agreed that MFHD for multiparts will be dealt with in the Catalog Demo Group; claiming, check-in & notes will be dealt with in the Serial Demo Group.

MARC Holdings

    1. How do we handle irregularities with holdings?
    2. Do we have to use 866?
    3. Or can we use 853-865?

Question: Does the use of Roman numerals in 863 cause problems with automated sorting in displays? (In checkin; in MFHD?)

Links to serial issues on the Web. For issue-level linking from the check-in record to the issue on the web, what happens when the volume is complete? Is the link eliminated at that point?


Adjustments were made in the numerical sequence of "situation name".

Question: How do you deal with a title that deviates from the pre-established predictive pattern? Discussion made it clear that we need to distinguish between unconventional patterns entered as predictive patterns/publication patterns and "unpredicted" situations that occur in the course of checking in a title, and that are not understood to generate a new pattern.

A general discussion followed on Binding and Title Changes

Question: Since earlier/later MARC variable fields for titles are not ordinarily indexed, there was some question as to whether hot-linking was feasible if those fields were not indexed.

More call number examples need to be supplied for the labelling program part of the demo.

Respectfully submitted,

Curtis Orio