Minutes of Systems and Architecture Criteria Working Group meeting
Date: June 21, 2000
Meeting time: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM
Present: Jeffrey Barnett (Chair), Daniel Chudnov, David Gewirtz, Tom Hyry, Ernie Marinko, Anthony Melillo, James Shetler (recording)


1. After introductions, Jeffrey reiterated that all present should attend the remaining on site vendor demonstrations.

2. Jeffrey also asked members to take note of the activities of the other working groups.

Review of the Charge and Schedule

1. After a review of the charge Jeffrey distributed copies of the OCS Environments document. Discussion on the wording of portions of this document ensued. David expressed concerns on the wording of the Systems Operations portion of the document. After further discussion the group decided to accept the document as written.

2. Jeffrey stated that he wanted the Committee to begin composing the first drafts of criteria for each of the OSC Environments (Systems Architecture, Systems Development, Systems Security, and Systems Operation). Each of these drafts should contain two components: a narrative of what is desirable in each of the environments and a quantitative checklist of desirable elements for each environment. These checklists are intended for use by members of the Migration Management Group while querying LMS vendors at the ALA annual conference in Chicago.

3. The Committee was then subdivided into smaller groups that are tasked with creating the drafts for each of the environments. These subdivisions are:

4. Completion of the first draft is due on June 27. Review of the first draft will occur at the Committee's next scheduled meeting on June 30.

5. The Committee decided that the best way to expedite the composition of the first draft was via e-mail instead of scheduling additional meetings. Dan offered to collect and compile all the threads generated by this effort. The Committee also decided that these threads would be distributed to the entire Committee instead of just the members of each sub-group.

Review of plans for ALA

1. Jeffrey encouraged those attended the ALA annual conference to make use of the web form created by the Migration Management Group. This form is intended to capture immediate feedback after interactions with LMS vendors.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Shetler