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Personal Librarian: Kraig Binkowski

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Personal Librarians

Welcome to the Library!

I am the Chief Librarian at the Reference Library and Archives of the Yale Center for British Art (most people call it the British Art Center, which rolls off the tongue much more easily).  At the British Art Center I work with secondary and primary resources that revolve around British art, artists and culture from the 16th to the 21st centuries.  In my spare time I am a printmaker, a furnituremaker, and a constant chaser of two small children. 

I am excited to a part of the Personal Librarian program and I'm happy to answer all of your questions about using the library. I don't have set office hours but you can contact me at any time with a question or to set up an appointment if you need any help using the library's resources.

Here's what I can do for you:
  • Keep you informed with periodic e-mail messages highlighting new resources and programs specifically for students, as well as with notices and timely reminders, such as extended Library hours during Reading Week and finals
  • Answer your questions about Library policies, procedures and services, such as RefWorks workshops and Borrow Direct
  • Assist with finding information for your research assignments, by helping you articulate your research question, identify the best sources, and formulate your search strategies
  • Support you even when you’re not around (on vacation or away from Yale doing research)
  • Help you when you don’t know where to start, or you can’t think of what to do next
  • Assist you in any research invloving the art or rare book collections of the YCBA, or of British art in general
  • Put you in contact with a subject specialist librarian who can help you when I can't
Here's what I won't do:
  • Set up your computer (i.e. NetIDs, VPN)
  • Do your research, make photocopies or write your paper for you
Kraig Binkowski

Kraig Binkowski
Personal Librarian

Office Hours:
by appointment

Office Location:
British Art Center, 2nd floor