Retrospective Conversion at Yale

One of the most visible fruits of the Library's investment in information technology is Orbis, Yale's online bibliographic information system. As more and more machine-readable records are incorporated into Orbis, our attention naturally and immediately turns to the large numbers of catalog records that are not.  Retrospective conversion is the process by which those records are converted to machine-readable form so that they can be integrated into the database that is the very foundation of many if not most of the services that the Library provides.  The Library has embarked on a three-year effort to convert to machine-readable form approximately 2.5 million catalog records representing monographs and serials held in all Library locations across the Yale campus.  This comprehensive retrospective conversion project in reality consists of several separate projects that range in size from fewer than 20,000 to almost 2,000,000 records. 

Project overview 

  • The retrospective conversion process
  • Yale's retrospective conversion project
Project scope 
  • Records already converted
  • Records to be converted
  • Records not to be converted
Project progress (as of 6 June 2001) 

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