Retrospective Conversion at Yale: Project Scope

Yale has been creating machine-readable catalog records for currently-received Library materials since the mid-1970s.  In 1989 approximately 900,000 of these records became the foundation of the Orbis database.  Since then, we have relied on a series of retrospective conversion initiatives to increase the number of older catalog records that are available in Orbis.  In contrast to past efforts, the scope of our current retrospective conversion undertaking is broad and comprehensive. 

Catalog records representing monographs and serials in the following locations have been or are in the process of being converted:

  • Art & Architecture Library
  • Astronomy Library (Room 217 Gibbs)
  • Chemistry Library
  • Classics Library
  • Divinity Library
  • Drama Library
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences Library
  • Forestry Library
  • Geology Library
  • Kline Science Library
  • Lewis Walpole Library
  • Linguistics Seminar (Room 302 HGS)
  • Mathematics Library
  • Medical Library
  • Mudd (Old Yale classes E L M N O P R S T U V W)
  • Ornithology Library
  • Social Sciences Library (including Economic Growth Center)
  • Statistics Library
  • Sterling Memorial Library

Catalog records representing monographs and serials in the following locations have been converted:

  • Beinecke Library
  • British Art Library
  • Cross Campus Library
  • Epidemiology & Public Health Library
  • Law Library
  • Music Library

Catalog records representing monographs and in some cases serials in the following subject areas have been converted:

  • British History
  • Latin Americana
  • Numismatics
  • Western Americana

Catalog records representing material in the following locations will not be converted:

  • College Libraries
  • Cowles Foundation

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Last updated: 8 November 1999