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About the Research Education Program

What is the Research Education Program?

The Yale University Library Research Education Program has been created to better organize our expertise and to position the Library in campus education. Over the past year librarians, curators, and archivists from across many departments have thoughtfully reviewed the diverse and rich research education activities currently offered resulting in a 3-year strategic plan for the Library Research Education Program. The plan is comprised of a shared purpose and mission, coordinated strategies, and stronger advocacy for our educational efforts.

Mission Statement

The Library Research Education Program exists to advance the information and technology fluency of Yale undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. The program promotes and provides instruction that fosters intellectual growth and creativity and strengthens analytic, critical, and technical skills for life-long transformation of information into knowledge.

In support of teaching research concepts and methods, Library staff collaborates with faculty and other members of the Yale community to develop and deliver in-person and online classes, workshops, instructional guides and other tools.

The Library is committed to assessing the quality and effectiveness of the Library Research Education Program in order to continuously improve and align it with Yale’s educational and research objectives and programs.

Vision Statement

As part of our vision, we anticipate that all Yale undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, faculty and staff will be excellently prepared to succeed in the dynamic 21st century by being fluent in identifying, retrieving, evaluating, and utilizing information and collections. The knowledge and instructional expertise of librarians and information specialists are fully integrated into student education, teaching and learning support.

To achieve this vision and fulfill the needs of its clients, including students in the three stages of the educational lifecycle, pre-major undergraduate, major undergraduate, and graduate studies, the Program aims

  • to strengthen and market the Library’s extensive and diverse professional instructional expertise
  • to articulate the information fluency skills needed at each stage of the education lifecycle at Yale
  • to coordinate the multitude of instructional efforts
  • to provide simple and easily accessible assistance
  • to progressively develop information and technology fluency through education at Yale.

The Library Research Education Program will be supported by the Research Education Committee [formerly the Instruction Group], the Director of Undergraduate and Library Research Education, and the over 70 library staff members engaged in research education. The Library Research Education Program encompasses all the instructional efforts in the Yale Library that advance the information and technology fluency of Yale undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff. The Program will coordinate the instructional activities in YUL and support the librarians, curators, and staff providing instruction. The members of the newly formed Research Education Committee are: Kelly Barrick, Janene Batten, Hannah Bennett, Remi Castonguay, Suzanne Estelle-Holmer, Jan Glover, Eva Guggemos, Emily Horning, Diane Kaplan, Tang Li, Ian McDermott, Joseph Murphy, Barbara Rockenbach (Chair), Camilla Tubbs,  and Lei Wang.  

Library Research Education Plan [pdf]
Attachment: Teaching Spaces [pdf]