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Faculty Resources

Library-wise Teaching Tools

The Yale University Library has created tools to help you educate your students about important research topics. The links below are either for relevant websites or handouts for your students to assist with their research.

Concept Map
This exercise can help students develop a research topics by mapping concepts that relate more or directly to their main topic.

Evaluating Web Resources [PDF]
Do you mind that your students have a hard time telling the difference between scholarly articles and Wikipedia? Use this worksheet to help students evaluate the information they find online.

Research Log [PDF]
This tool provides enables students to capture the resources they are using in their research and helps make the research process more apparent.

Research Plan
This form is designed to help you formulate your research, keep track of what is accomplished, and simplify the process of creating your bibliography.

Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism
This Writing Center guide walks students through the basics of plagiarism and how to avoid it by creating proper and appropriate citations.

Why Cite
This helpful guide put together by the Writing Center helps students understand when and how to cite in their research papers and projects.