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Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Information for Media Policies and Procedures

(Revised 19 Jan 2006)


Q: If media are supposed to be treated more or less the same way as books, why do they have a one-week loan rather than the usual book loan period?
A: The one-week loan policy only applies to media materials cataloged individually -- the Library receives many items which accompany books, and these get the full book loan period. The one-week policy for "standalone" items acknowledges that media are generally used more briefly and are physically more vulnerable than books, but the unlimited option to renew accommodates researchers who need to work with an item for a longer period. We compared the policies of several peer universities: none allowed more than five days, and often their circulation policies excluded undergraduate students and sometimes even graduate students. Many universities do not circulate their media materials at all. Our one-week renewable loan period leads the way among our peer institutions.
Q: Why not put all videotapes together, all CD-ROMs together, etc?
A: Universities which have a media center often shelve their materials this way, but Yale doesn't have one and so other approaches are necessary. In addition, university media centers face the same difficulty we face: a large percentage of the media we receive accompanies a book. We used to separate the media from the book (as do many university media centers), but that approach causes many problems for the staff and facilities, and it serves readers poorly. By shelving the materials along with books in the stacks, we can solve or simplify many problems.
Q: Why aren't circulation periods the same at all libraries?
A: Libraries serve different readers and so sometimes they have different needs. For the same reason, the Arts Library circulates most of its materials for only one day. However, probably most libraries will adopt the one week circulation period.
Q: Are there any places in the library where people can watch videos or work with CD-ROMs? How can people view foreign formats like PAL, SECAM, or DVD Region 3?
A: There are video and DVD players at CCL, SSL, the Divinity Library, and elsewhere -- see the full equipment list. Several video and DVD players can play all formats, and the library's policy is that all new players should be able to play materials from all over the world. There is one "open" computer at the SML CD-ROM Reference Center that allows users to install programs if they must use a CD-ROM in the building (e.g., it's a non-circulating CD that accompanies a journal).
Q: Can media be sent through Eli Express? What about Interlibrary Loan?
A: All media can be transported through Eli Express, to any library that is part of that system. The materials should never be in the hard security shell when transported between libraries. Materials traveling to or from LSF are put inside a special case that allows them to cool or warm slowly, which protects the media format. Media items are not currently permitted to be sent through ILL.


Selection and review Tobin Nellhaus or Rich Richie
Acquisition Susan Tucker
Monograph receipt Lynette Robinson-Johnson
Serial receipt Curtis Orio
Cataloging Rick Sarcia
Identifying permitted cases David Walls
Ordering cases and shells Vinny DeFeo
Preparation Pat Simon
Access Services/Circulation Victoria Gardner


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