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Internship Program 1993

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Ekaterina Kotreleva
April 20 - July 14, 1993

The Yale Council on Russian and East European Studies and the Sterling Memorial Library of Yale University held a competition for a Russian mid-level professional librarian to participate in a three-month internship at the Slavic Collection of Yale University Library. The candidate chosen was Ekaterina Kotreleva, a librarian at the M.I. Rudomino State Library for Foreign Literature. Ms. Kotreleva arrived in New Haven on April 20, 1993 and in the course of the next twelve weeks she worked with the following Library departments: Near East Collection, the Art and Architecture Library, Reference, Cross Campus Library, Divinity Library, Beinecke Library, the RLG Conspectus, Yale Archives, Kline Science Library, and the Slavic Cataloguing Team. She also had numerous contacts with Yale faculty from the Slavic Languages and Literatures department, the Russian and East European Studies Program, as well as scholars from other fields. Her internship further included visits to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, Harvard University Library in Cambridge, MA, the New York Public Library, and Norman Ross Publishers' New York office. In addition, through the generosity of the Beinecke Library, Ms. Kotreleva was able to attend the American Library Association's Annual Conference in New Orleans. We are grateful to all these offices for their assistance.

For all concerned, the program was a great success. Ms. Kotreleva gained insight into the workings of an American research institution's library in her three months with us, and she also was able to prepare extensive bibliographies for her home institution, the Foreign Literature Library in Moscow, in the areas of emigre literature and religious writing. For our part we benefitted from Ms. Kotreleva's presence here, and will benefit still more as she acts as a liaison between Yale and Moscow for future cooperation.

Below is the schedule of activities in which Ms. Kotreleva participated while at Yale:

Week 1 - April 20-25
Department: Slavic Reading Room
Contact Person: Tanja Lorkovic
Saturday, 24 Visit to New York
Sunday, 25 Attended Dostoevsky Laboratory

Week 2 - April 26-May 2
Monday Meeting with the Area studies curators and Christa Dove, Dean of Pierson College (2-1006)
Tuesday Meeting with Mr. Simon Simoeil, Near East Bibliographer
Wednesday Visit to Art and Architecture Library / Christine de Vallet contact person (2-2642)
Thursday Slavic Reading Room Orbis & Rlin training
Friday Systems Office / Gregory Kaisen & Shari Weaver (2-7258); Meeting with Millicent Abell, the Director, at "action plan" discussion group

Week 3 - May 3-9
Monday Meeting with Alan Solomon, Head Reference Department (2-1778)
Tuesday Visit to Cross Campus Library / Susan Crockford-Peters (2-1785)
Wednesday Slavic Reading Room
Thursday Visit to the Divinity Library / Paul Stuehrenberg (2-5292)
Friday Workshop on Learning, SML
Sat-Sun Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Week 4 - May 10-16
Monday Visit Harvard University Library / Jaryna Bodrock
Tuesday Harvard University Library (617) 495-2458
Wednesday Harvard University Library
Thursday Holy Transfiguration Monastery / Boston, MA
Friday Harvard University Library

Week 5 - May 17-23
Monday Slavic Reading Room / Searching on Orbis
Tuesday Beinecke Library / Vincent Giroud (2-2872)
Wednesday Jeffrey Larson / RLG Conspectus (2-1760)
Thursday Divinity Library / P. Stuehrenberg (2-5292)
Friday Dinner at Tanja Lorkovic's home with Prof. and Mrs. Robert Jackson.

Week 6 - May 24-30
Monday Commencement / Meeting with Ellena Bonner who received an honorary doctorate at Yale / Evening meeting with Alphonse Vhin from the Reference Department
Tuesday Jeffrey Larson--RLG Conspectus (2-1760) / Work in SRR
Wednesday Music library / Ken Crilly (2-0492)
Thursday Day off; Visit by a friend from Baltimore
Friday Reference Department / Alphonse Vhin (2-1782)

Week 7 - May 31-June 6
Monday Memorial Day
Tuesday Lunch with Michael Holquist, Chair Russian and East European Council (2-7674); Slavic Reading Room
Wednesday Slavic Reading Room
Thursday Meeting with the Prof. Vladimir Alexandrov, Head of the Slavic Department (2-1302) Yale Archives / Susan Brady, Nancy Lyon, W. Massa (2-1748,9)
Friday Slavic Reading Room / Party at Prof. Cleanth Brooks home (2-2253)
Saturday Visit to a Russian village, Churaevka
Sunday Russian Orthodox Church / Holy Trinity Service. Meeting with the Russian community, Mr. Alexandrov, and Mr. and Mrs. Hramov. Evening with Prof. T. Venclova.

Week 8 - June 7-13
Monday Slavic Reading Room
Tuesday Kline Science Library / Katherine Branch (2-3439)
Wednesday Slavic Reading Room
Thursday Slavic Reading Room
Friday Slavic Reading Room
Saturday Research work in the Sterling Memorial Library / Russian Emigre Literature
Sunday Russian Orthodox Church / Attended Russian Lunch

Week 9 - June 14-20
Monday Slavic Reading Room
Tuesday Visit to Norman Ross, publisher, and the New York Public Library / Edvard Kasinec
Wednesday The Library of Congress / European Reference Desk / Mr. Grant Harris
Thursday General tour of the Library / Lunch with Irene Steckler, assistant to Mr. Billington
Friday Research work / Holdings of the Library of Congress in the area of Russian emigre church literature
Saturday Research work in the Library of Congress
Sunday Tour of the City

Week 10 - June 21-27
Monday Slavic Cataloging Team / Valentina Chudovsky (2-1797)
Friday Departure to New Orleans for the ALA Annual Conference
Saturday Meeting with Mrs. Galina Kislovskaia at the orientation session for foreign visitors

Week 11 - June 28-July 4
Wednesday Return from New Orleans
Thursday Final work on the research project in the Sterling Memorial Library
Saturday Visit to Mr. Edward Sztein / Collection of Russian emigre poetry
Sunday Visit to Prof. and Mrs. Konstantin Hramov

Week 12 - July 5-11
Monday Final work
Tuesday Final work
Wednesday Final work / meeting with Prof. William Mahota
Thursday Final work / meeting with Prof. Vasilii Rudych
Friday Final work
Saturday Final work
Sunday Russian Orthodox Church

Week 13 - July 12-20
Monday Final work
Tuesday Final work
Wednesday Departure