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Internship Program 1996

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Inga Mykhailova
September 6 - December 6, 1996

The major goal of the University of "Kiev-Mohyla Academy" Library is to serve students and professors and to provide them with open access to international information. Therefore my University Library is interested in different networks which would help them in their studies and research.

The University of "Kiev-Mohyla Academy" Library is working on establishing an electronic catalog and putting all library processes on line. Therefore, the knowledge and experience that I have acquired during my internship at the Sterling Memorial Library will help to accelerate this process.

My goal was to become familiar with Yale University Library, its organizational structures and operations, to become personally acquainted with the Slavic Collection and other special collections, and to study the library computer system.

During my internship I was able to compare Ukrainian and American library systems specifically through my experience of working at both the UKMA and Yale University libraries. For example, in regard to library computer operations, I have concluded that the ORBIS system at Yale is very convenient for all library processes and I am convinced that my library at UKMA will set up a computer system which is quite similar to the ORBIS system.

I have learned to create and use all types of records. I have also learned how to derive bibliographical information from the Library of Congress and input this into ORBIS, and therefore I am certain that the skills which I have acquired during my internship are those which would be readily applicable to the University of "Kiev-Mohyla Academy" Library.

General objectives:
  • Familiarization with the Yale University Library, its organizational structure, operations and departmental libraries
  • Learning Yale's cataloging system
  • Attend lectures at Yale
Below is the schedule of activities in which Ms. Mykhailova participated while at Yale:

Week 1 September 6 - 14
Left Kiev on an Air Ukraine flight on September 6. Stayed in New York for one day and arrived in New Haven on September 7. Moved into residence at the Divinity School dormitory at 56 Seabury Hall the same day.
Monday - The first working day in the Slavic Reading Room. Toured the Sterling Memorial Library with Tatjana Lorkovic.
Tuesday - Friday - SRR.
Saturday - Lunched with Ann Okerson, the Associate University Librarian.

Week 2 September 16 - 20
Monday - Friday Worked in the Slavic Reading Room.

Week 3 September 23 - 27
Monday - Wednesday SRR.
Thursday - SRR; Lunched with Christine Melnyk (Medical Library) and Martha Rudyk (Slavic Cataloging Team).
Friday - SRR.
Sunday - Visited Tatjana Lorkovic in Guilford. Met Nicole Bouche, the Manuscript Unit Head of Beinecke Library.

Week 4 September 30 - October 4
Monday - Wednesday SRR.
Thursday - SRR; Lunched with Sarah Keogh (Yale Fund Raising).
Friday - SRR.

Week 5 October 7 - 11
Monday - SRR
Tuesday - SRR; Visited Slavic Catologing Team with Valentina Chudowsky.
Wednesday - Thursday - SRR.
Friday - SRR; Met with curators of other special collections of SML; Visited African Collection with J. Moore Crossey and John Bennett.

Week 6 October 14 - 18
Monday - Tuesday - SRR.
Wednesday - SRR; Lunched with Slavic Catologing Team.
Thursday - SRR; Visited Ann Okerson with SRR Team.
Friday - SRR.

Week 7 October 21 - 25
Monday - SRR.
Tuesday - SRR; Visited Latin American Collection with Cesar Rodriguez, the Curator of the collection; Went on tour of Yale Memorabilia (History of Yale University).
Wednesday - SRR.
Thursday - SRR; Visited Yale Health Center due to illness.
Friday - SRR; Visited Judaica Collection with Nannett Stahl, the Curator of the collection.

Week 8 October 28 - November 1
Monday - SRR.
Tuesday - SRR; Attended lecture by Scott Bennett, the Yale University Librarian.
Wednesday - SRR; Visited the Beinecke Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts with Nicole Bouche and Patricia C. Willis.
Thursday - Friday - SRR.

Week 9 November 4 - 8
Monday-Tuesday - SRR.
Wednesday - Travelled to Washington, D.C. in order to visit the Library of Congress.
Thursday - Visited the Library of Congress, the European Division with David Kraus and Bohdan Yasynskiy; also the Social Science Cataloging Division, Central and East European Languages Team with Jurij Dobczansky; and the Exchange and Gift Division with Keri L. Price.
Friday - Visited the National Digital Library with Jeffrey Bridges.

Week 10 November 11 - 15
Monday - SRR.
Tuesday - SRR; Visited Preservation Department with P. Convey; Met Professor Michael Holquist; Visited SML Circulation with Thomas Schneiter.
Wednesday - Friday - SRR.

Week 11 November 18 - 22
Monday - SRR.
Tuesday - SRR; Attended lecture "Introduction to Research Workstation".
Wednesday - Thursday - SRR.
Friday - SRR; Visited Music Library with K. Crilly.

Week 12 November 25 - 27
Monday - Wednesday - SRR.

Week 13 December 2 - 6
Monday - SRR; Met Scott Bennett, the University Librarian.
Tuesday - Wednesday - SRR.
Thursday - SRR; Visited Law Library with D. Wade.
Friday - Departed New York at 3 p.m. on Air Ukraine for Kiev.