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Internship Program 2005

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Jurgita Budziute
September 1 - December 23, 2005

photo of Jurgita Budziute

I have no words to express my gratitude to Mrs. Tatjana Lorkovic and Dr. Kristaps J. Keggi for the wonderful opportunity to visit and work in the one of the best university libraries in the United States. The Sterling Memorial Library (SML) of Yale University allows librarians from Eastern European countries to spend four months in the United States and learn about American librarianship and to visit four of the largest and the best research libraries in the U.S. Tatjana Lorkovic, Curator, Slavic and Eastern European Collection (SEEC), has created an excellent SEEC Library Fellows Program, which was established in 1993. The Baltic Librarian Internship is part of the overall SEEC Library Program, and my internship was a part of that program. The Baltic Librarian internship is funded by a generous gift from the Yale alumnus, Dr. Kristaps J. Keggi, M.D. I was the thirteenth intern for the SEEC program as well as the sixth Baltic intern funded by Dr. Kegg, and the first librarian from Lithuania.

I work in the Department of Electronic Information, Information Center at Martynas Mazydas National Library of Lithuania. I hold the position of information manager and bibliographer. My responsibilities include information management, consultation of readers, collection development, and the provision of electronic services for users. In my current position I have the responsibility of administering subscribed world databases at our library. My personal field of interest is public relations within the libraries. While staying here at Yale University Library and visiting other libraries on the eastern seaboard of the United States, I was able to expand my knowledge and practical skills in all these different fields of interest.

At Yale I worked in the Slavic Reading Room (SRR) and assisted the curator and her staff of three library professionals. I was trained in the Library of Congress Machine Readable Cataloguing (MARC) and spent most of my time in the SRR and participated in that department’s daily acquisitions work – ordering, receiving, creating records and purchase orders for books from vendors from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Belarus. This was a new experience for me – I had not worked in this field previously. I learned these new tasks quickly and it was very interesting to observe the many books coming to the Yale University Sterling Memorial Library stacks from all over the world.

I also would like to thank my supervisor, Tatjana Lorkovic, who made my experience very busy, enjoyable and active – every week I had from three to ten official meetings at various locations all around the Yale University Campus with librarians and information managers, academic staff, interesting and famous people, writers, musicians, and artists. I spent a lot of time at Yale University and it was great for me to see firsthand the energy and “spirit” of learning and education in this academic setting. This is a remarkable place, where everyone can improve and educate himself/herself everyday.

I also made three scheduled trips to other libraries, including the New York Public Library (New York), the Harvard University Library (Boston) and the Library of Congress (Washington, DC). In each of them I spent a day or two but this short period of time made me realize just how wonderful and amazing these institutions are. I learned a lot about their work and the different methods of librarianship, information science, projects, management and particularly about their policies of electronic information, which is my field of interest. This is very important for me because I will be able to take home and share with my colleagues about my experience and all the different things I learned. I have published several articles in periodicals on librarianship and libraries in Lithuania. In the near future, I plan to write about the best American libraries and their work in information science. I hope that my visit will also help to deepen further contacts between the Yale University Library and the Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania.

This is a wonderful program with many wonderful people. I made new contacts as a librarian and I also made a lot of new and good friends on a personal level.

I also had a chance to participate in the social and cultural life of Lithuanians living here in New Haven. I was so glad to meet Prof. Tomas Venclova, Darius Gudelis, Elona and Rimas Vaisniai, Zena and Paulius Lantuch and others. They helped me during my free time away from work while I lived in New Haven for the four months duration of my internship. I explored the city, and I had several opportunitie to travel around Connecticut - I had my first nice American Thanksgiving dinner, attended concerts, lectures, meetings, and museums and learned a lot about this country.

I found a lot of good friends here, too! Thanks to them I saw and experienced more than I expected. I really appreciate the attention and the efforts of all the people who helped me during my stay here.

The knowledge and practical skills that I have obtained during the past four months are very valuable for my professional work and self-improvement. I will never forget this internship.

Below is the schedule of activities in which Ms. Budziute participated while at Yale:

Week 1 (August 31 - September 4)

31 August (Wednesday)

Took a flight from Vilnius (Lithuania) to Amsterdam (Holland) and from Amsterdam to the international airport JFK in New York (USA). Arrived in New Haven, CT by Connecticut Limousine. William Larsh (Acquisitions Assistant, Slavic Reading Room) met me in the bus station and helped me to find my apartment in Linden Street, New Haven.

1 September (Thursday)

Started my first day of work in the Sterling Memorial Library (SML). Met other staff of Slavic Reading Room (SRR): Tatjana Lorkovic (Curator, Slavic Collection and The SEEC Library Fellows Program), Julia Muravnik (Acquisitions Assistant, SRR). William Larsh helped me to do all necessary procedures and arrange different meetings: I registered in Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), applied for Yale Health plan, opened my bank account in the Bank of America, got my Yale ID. Julia Muravnik gave me a short introduction to SML cataloging system. Learned how to search ORBIS and work with the library catalog. Searched for Russian books.

2 September (Friday)

Learned how to search Library of Congress database. Started creating preliminary bibliographic records for Russian books (lists from Russian vendor Natalia Kozmenko). Had a nice lunch with Julia Muravnik at Au Bon Pain cafe. Visited Sterling Law Library and Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Walked around the Old Campus of Yale University accompanied by William Larsh.

3 September (Saturday)

Had nice walks around New Haven.

4 September (Sunday)

Visited the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Saw several very interesting exhibitions: "Mummification in Ancient Egypt", "The Age of Reptiles Mural", "Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas" and others.

Week 2 (September 5 - September 11)

5 September (Monday)

Public Holiday in the United States - Labor Day. Walked around East Rock area with William Larsh. Paid the fee to enter Payne Whitney Gymnasium. Kept going to gym several times a week in my free time.

6 September (Tuesday)

Creating new records for Kozmenko. Learned about transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin alphabet and started receiving books from Kozmenko. Met Gaukhar Surtayeva (Acquisitions Assistant, Slavic Reading Room).

7 September (Wednesday)

Training session with Rebecca Hamilton (Leader, Monograph Support Team, Acquisitions Department). I was very glad to meet a Lithuanian lady Zenaida Lantuch (Conservation Assistant, Preservation Department) who visited SRR that day. In the evening I took part in Yale World Fellows Night in the beautiful Betts House. Met Darius Gudelis (Chief Domestic Policy Adviser to the President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus). Also I was introduced to Alice Prochaska (University Librarian, SML). It was very nice party - international food, music and conversation.

8 September (Thursday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Started receiving periodicals and serials. Famous Lithuanian professor and poet Tomas Venclova (Professor, Slavic Language and Literature Department at Yale University) visited SRR. We had an interesting discussion about literature, Lithuania, libraries and my internship. Attended in Slavic Department Party, met other staff of this department. Watched American football game on TV for the first time. I found it to be a very interesting game, which consists of a lot of strategy from players.

9 September (Friday)

Got key from SRR. Took a quick tour to the beautiful Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library with William Larsh. Meeting with Marcia Romanansky (Chief, Acquisitions Department). Went to "The 2005 New Haven Folk Festival" at the First Presbyterian Church and listened to favorite singers: Sloan Wainwright, Michael Hough, David Tamulevich, Lara Herscovitch, and Radoslav Lorkovic (Tatjana Lorkovic's son is very gifted, later Tatjana Lorkovic gave me a CD of her son. He creates a wonderful music). Was introduced to David Tamulevich whose grandparents originally were from Lithuania. Had a nice talk about Lithuania and possibilities to find his Lithuanian relatives in Lithuania.

10 September (Saturday)

Took a nice walk around Yale University Campus.

11 September (Sunday)

William Larsh took me to Sports Bar - TK's - to watch an American football game. Met new friends.

Week 3 (September 12 - September 18)

12 September (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Got bank credit card and a checkbook.

13 September (Tuesday)

Had nice lunch with Zenaida Lantuch in the Atticus Café. Started receiving Lithuanian books and exchange books from National Library of Latvia.

14 September (Wednesday)

Applied for my Social Security Number. Tatjana Lorkovic took me to another Fellows party at Pierson College, Yale University. Met staff and fellows from Pierson College and had a nice dinner in a college courtyard. Listened to a concert by famous pianist Raymond Ericson (in program: F. Chopin, A. Scriabin, S. Rachmaninoff, S. Barber, and L. van Beethoven).

15 September (Thursday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Met Ken Crilly (Head, Music Library) who introduced me to library staff and gave an interesting tour around the Music Library. Had lunch with Ken Crilly and Suzanne Eggleston Lovejoy (Assistant Music Librarian for Public Services) at a nice "La Piazza" restaurant. Music Library at Yale and libraries of Lithuania communicate, so we had an interesting conversation. I really enjoyed meeting them and learning more about relations between Yale University Library and libraries in Lithuania.

16 September (Friday)

Visit to the Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies and meeting with Joanne Rudov (Librarian, Holocaust, Fortunoff Video Archive). Talked about the contribution of oral testimony to holocaust and genocide studies at Yale. It was a very interesting meeting and a new experience for me. Receiving books from Kozmenko. Applied for Academic Writing Course in English Language Institute (since then attended classes every Monday and Wednesday till the beginning of December). Attended Julia Muravnik's birthday and the last workday for Gaukhar Surtayeva party. Met Pauline Spitz (Librarian, Slavic Reading Room, retired last year).

17 September (Saturday)

Had some rest in my apartment in 111 Linden Street.

18 September (Sunday)

Gaukhar Surtayeva and her husband Todd took me to Hammonasset Beach at State Park in Madison, CT. Later we did some shopping in the malls in Milford.

Week 4 (September 19 - September 25)

19 September (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Attended workshop "Giving and Receiving Feedback" (instructor Paul Crotty) for library staff in SML.

20 September (Tuesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Arranged a meeting with Simon Samoeil (Curator, Near East Collection).

21 September (Wednesday)

Made a payment for the Academic Writing Course. Meeting with Paul Stuehrenberg (Head, Divinity Library). Visited Divinity Library and Ministry Resource Center at Yale Divinity School.

22 September (Thursday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Julia introduced me to stacks and shelving system in SRR. Went to Fall Reception for community of international students and scholars of Yale University at Luce Hall.

23 September (Friday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Visited Yale Law Library one more time. Walked around reading rooms and learned about reference services.

24 September (Saturday)

Met William Larsh and went to SML to work on my English courses' assignments.

25 September (Sunday)

Met my landlady Maryann Attianese. Went to mass at Church of St. Mary (5 Hillhouse Ave, New Haven, CT).

Week 5 (September 26 - October 2)

26 September (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Participated in a SRR meeting. Discussion was about our daily work and future plans of SRR.

27 September (Tuesday)

Visited Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Ellen Cordes (Head, Technical Services) gave me a tour through the main building of the library. I saw reading rooms, learned about their collections, exhibitions and paintings of famous authors. Also I saw the interesting exhibition "Tocqueville and Beaumont and the Experience of Early Nineteenth-Century Democracy". Received books from Kozmenko. Had my first list of exchange books from Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania: searched for items, made an order. Had a very interesting tour to Near East Collection. Simon Samoeil (Curator, Near East Collection) told me the history and foundation of this exciting collection. The main difference between this and other collections is that they order books by selecting different vendors and do all of the cataloging themselves. It was very interesting for me to hear that the staff of 4 people did the huge project and it took 3 years to do that! I found another thing I did not notice earlier - the Arabic books are very beautiful and colorful! Attended seminar and exhibition "Tales and Illuminations: the Art of Mark Podwal" organized by The Arts and Book Collection and Judaica Collection.

28 September (Wednesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Went to Yale University Security Department to activate my Yale ID.

29 September (Thursday)

Had nice lunch with Zenaida Lantuch. Attended lectures for newcomers of SML in Lecture Hall. This year there were over 40 new information specialists and librarians hired to work in Yale University system.

30 September (Friday)

Receiving books from Rudomino (a Russian vendor). Met Susanne Eggleston Lovejoy. Had a nice dinner party at Ken Crilly's house before the Philharmonia concert. Went to see Yale School of Music Philharmonia Orchestra "Resurrection" (Symphony No. 2 by Gustav Mahler) in Woolsey Hall. Amazing spectacular...

1 October (Saturday)

Spent a nice day in Tatjana's Lorkovic house.

2 October (Sunday)

Went to Sports' Bar TK's to see American football game. Had a good Sunday afternoon with my new friends from New Haven.

Week 6 (October 3 - October 9)

3 Monday (October)

Receiving exchange books from Russia (National Library of Russia). As a part of its 75 th anniversary celebrations, SML had hosting an open day for faculty, students and staff. Met new interesting people while taking interesting tours of the reading rooms and special collections housed within Sterling.

4 October (Tuesday)

Receiving exchange books from Estonia and Russia.

5 October (Wednesday)

Receiving exchange books from Latvia and Russia.

6 October (Thursday)

Receiving exchange books from Latvia and Russia. Took a tour to the interesting Judaica Collection. Met Nanette Stahl (Head, Judaica Collection) who spoke about history of the collection, projects, introduced collections' staff members and their daily work. Visited the Annual Fair in Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Saw the exhibitions of different departments of SML. The most interesting presentations were hold by Yale Center for British Art (about history of colors), Babylonian Collections (with business letters which were written four thousand years ago) and Preservation Department (saw how rare, old and damaged books, photos and other documents are repaired, restored and conserved). Later went to listen to Darius Gudelis who held a lecture in Lecture Hall. It was one seminar of the Yale World Fellows Thursday Lecture Series in SML. The lecture "European Union : Model for Global Governance?" was very interesting, because two other fellows also gave presentations - Lusine Abovyan (Armenia) and Sasha Muller-Kraenner (Germany). An interesting discussion took place when the fellows from three different countries (old member of EU, new member of EU and a non-member of EU) explained their positions and expectations about the EU.

7 October (Friday)

Tatjana Lorkovic took me to Elizabethan House Club where I saw an exhibition of original first editions of Shakespeare's works. It's an unbelievable collection.

8 October (Saturday)

Spent day with Gaukhar Surtayeva and her husband Todd. We went to Westport Mall and had a good pizza for dinner.

Week 7 (October 10 - October 17)

10 October (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko and Bulgarian vendor. Had dinner with Zenaida Lantuch at Atticus cafe. Elona Vaisnys (Editor, Faculty of Engineering, Yale University) took me to Gospel Music recital at the Church of the Redeemer (United Church of Christ in 185 Cold Spring Street, New Haven, CT). She is the member of the choir. Later we discussed more about Lithuanian community in the United States.

11 October (Tuesday)

Receiving books from Sofia University Library. Visited Babylonian Collection and met Ulla Kasten (Associate Curator, Babylonian Collection). It was very interesting to explore and touch the old things (for example, business letters, which were written 4 thousand years ago…). I also had opportunity to do some reference work in SRR: Tatjana Lorkovic sent me a query from Fulbright scholar in Vilnius who asked about the Jewish physical history of the city in the interwar period (1920-1939). She was wondering if the Yale Library system has any pictures or postcards from this time of period. Had nice lunch with Julia Muravnik at Thai Taste. Bought a new digital camera!

12 October (Wednesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko and gift books from Tsarskoe Selo (Russia).

13 October (Thursday)

Tour to the Preservation Department in SML. Meeting with Roberta Pilette (Head, Preservation Department). Learned about Collections Care, Conservation and Reformatting and Media programs.

14 October (Friday)

Attended an introductory course on Metadata offered by The Yale University Library Integrated Access Council and its Metadata Committee in Lecture Hall. This course was called Metadata 101 and it presented metadata topics such as XML, RDF, DTDs, OAI, METS, MODS, and DOI. I learned what these and other acronyms stand for and what they mean, and why they matter. As my field is electronic information I really learned a lot and improved my knowledge in this course. Later in the evening I met some more Lithuanian people: Elona Vaisnys and her husband Rimas Vaisnys (Professor & DUS Electronic Engineering and Ecology/Evolutionary Bio, Electrical Engineering Department, Yale University), Dana Grajauskas (Guilford, CT) and Edita Tamulionyte (New Haven, CT). We went to see the concert "Salt & Pepper" of Gospel singers at the Church of the Redeemer (20 th Anniversary Celebration).

15 October (Saturday)

Spent all day with Lithuanians - Zenaida Lantuch and her husband Paulius Lantuch. We went to the beach at Connecticut State Park in Madison and West Rock in New Haven, did some shopping in Milford and West Haven, had a nice dinner in their house.

16 October (Sunday)

Met friends in Sports' Bar TK's and watched the American Football game.

Week 8 (October 18 - October 23)

17 October (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko.

18 October (Tuesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Had nice lunch with Tatjana Lorkovic and William Larsh in Pierce College, Yale University.

19 October (Wednesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko.

20 October (Thursday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Had a nice lunch with Simon Samoeil (Head, Near East Collection).

21 October (Friday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Attended party in SML (75 th anniversary of main library building). Had an interesting talks with Wilham Hallo (Head, Babylonian Collection, retired), William Larsh, Zenaida Lantuch, Todd Fell and other colleagues and librarians.

22 October (Saturday)

Had a nice lunch with Lithuanian professors Elona and Rimas Vaisniai and Edita Tamulionyte at Anna Liffeys' (a nice Irish Pub in New Haven).

23 October (Sunday)

Watched American football game at TK's. Met my friends (Tucker, Bruce, Loralee) and had fun.

Week 9 (October 24 - October 30)

24 October (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko.

25 October (Tuesday)

Visited Arts and Architecture Building at Yale (AOB) and Arts of the Book Collection. Chris de Vallet (Art Librarian, Arts and Architecture Library) showed me the library and introduced me to their fields of work. Tatjana Lorkovic took me for a nice tea break in Hall of Graduate Studies cafe.

26 October (Wednesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Had a meeting with Harriet Bergmann (Supervisor, Academic Writing Course, ELI). Talked about the ways to improve my English language skills. Lunch with colleagues at Au Bon Pain.

27 October (Thursday)

Trip to Lewis Walpole Library in Farmington, CT. This library is a department of Yale University Library since 1980, was bequeathed to the University by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis (Yale 1918), who devoted his life to collecting the letters and works of Horace Walpole. This was one of the most interesting tours I had. The Walpole Library is a focused research collection in the field of British eighteenth-century studies. It is also the home of the largest and finest collections of British graphic art outside the British Museum. The collections are fabulous and the library is very beautiful. I was happy to attend this tour.

28 October (Friday)

Receiving exchange books from Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. Visited an exhibition by David E. Apter "From Cave to Square: Images of the 1989 Student Movement in Tiananmen Square".

29 October (Saturday)

Met friends from New Haven. Tucker took me to the Yale Bowl to watch American football: Yale University vs. Brown University. I had my first tailgate party! Met more new friends.

30 October (Sunday)

Participated in a meeting for the Lithuanian community of Connecticut at Betts' House in Hew Haven. Darius Gudelis spoke about Lithuania, recent events in Lithuanian politics and economics.

Week 10 (October 31 - November 6)

31 October (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko and exchange books from National Library of Latvia. Lunch with Teresa Mensz (Library Services Assistant, Drama Library, Yale University).

1 November (Tuesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Trying to arrange trip to New York Public Library (NYPL).

2 November (Wednesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Met librarian from East Asian Collection. Discussed internships and possibilities for students from Asian and East European countries to work in Yale University.

3 November (Thursday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Meeting Russian friends - Julia Muravnik and Yulia Lavchenko (girl from my English course). Had a good time in Anna Liffeys'.

4 November (Friday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Visiting Arts and Books Collection in SML. Listened to annual lecture of Alice Prochaska about Yale University library system and situation last year.

5 November (Saturday)

Yale football game. Tucker took me to a favorite casino place "Mohegan Sun" in Uncasville, CT. Had wonderful dinner in Michael Jordan's' restaurant. Met Julia Muravnik, her husband Constantine Muravnik (Sr. Lector (Russian), Slavic Language and Literature Department, Yale University), Greg and other friends.

6 November (Sunday)

Spent day in Julia and Constantine's house in Milford. We had nice dinner, talks and walks on the beach.

Week 11 (November 7 - November 13)

7 November (Monday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Took part in friend's birthday party and had a nice dinner in Italian food restaurant.

8 November (Tuesday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko and exchange books from Lithuania (The Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences).

9 November (Wednesday)

Receiving books from library of Foreign Literature (Russia). Creating preliminary records for Kozmenko books.

10 November (Thursday)

Visited the Harvey Cushing/ John Hay Whitney Medical Library for an orientation and tour. Met Charles J. Greenberg (Head of Reference Services, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library) who showed me the main library and the Electronic Medical Library and told a lot of interesting things about their work and activities. Toby Appel (Librarian, Medical Historical Library) gave me a brief guide of her library. The library is very nice and it has hospital, which is the nicest hospital I ever saw. I also had lunch with Mr. Charles J. Greenberg (good Asian food). Later I met Rimas Vaisnys (Engineering Department, Yale University). He gave me a tour of Engineering Department Library and around the building where the main scientific laboratories are. Received my new laptop!

11 November (Friday)

Receiving books from Kozmenko. Took an exhibition tour "Sensation and Sensibility: Viewing Gainsborougough's "Cottage Door" at Yale Center for British Art.

12 November (Saturday)

Met friends in New Haven. Went to see parks and the beach in Milford and West Haven. Went to ELI Whitney Museum (915 Whitney Ave, Hamden, CT). There Dr. Ya Ya's Gumbo Party took place. Listened to many of New Haven's finest musicians and donated $ 20 for the New Orleans' musicians.

13 November (Sunday)

The 22 nd annual reception of Lithuanian Falk Dance group "Vetra" in Bridgeport. Met over 120 Lithuanian people from Connecticut area. "Vetra" danced the most famous folk dances "Kepurine", "Zalnieriukas", "Griebiau siena", "Suktinis" and everybody were asked to join the dancers. I was introduced to Vygaudas U šackas (Ambasador of Lithuania in the United States) and Vaiva Vebraite (Advisor to the President of Lithuania on Educational Affairs). Later in the evening I went to see "Pride and Prejudice" in the Criterion movie theater in downtown New Haven.

Week 12 (November 14 - November 20)

14 November (Monday)

Receiving exchange books from Lithuania. Creating preliminary records for Kozmenko books.

15 November (Thursday)

In celebration of the 75 th anniversary of SML - "Treasures of the Yale Library" of special events, lectures and tours began. The Slavic Collection is one of the West's core collections of Russian literature including volumes from central and South-Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics and for this special occasion the Slavic Reading Room invited visitors too. We had several tour groups and I participated in these meetings by speaking to our visitors and telling more about this wonderful internship. Creating preliminary records for Kozmenko books.

16 November (Wednesday)

Took an early morning train to New York City (NYC). Visit to Slavic and Baltic Division (NYPL). Met Janis A. Kreslins (the Baltic Languages Specialist, Baltic Collections, NYPL) and Edward Kasinec (Head, Slavic and Baltic Division, NYPL). We discussed libraries, collection, management of information and the possible opportunities to improve the communication between NYPL and research libraries in Lithuania. Saw several exhibitions: "The Splendor of the Word: Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts at The New York Public Library", "Treasured Maps: Celebrating the Lionel Pincus and Princess Firyal Map Division", "Russia Engages the World, 1453-1825". In the evening I met my friend who gave me a tour in NYC: I was in Empire State Building (102 floor), rode subway to Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, Little Italy and had a nice dinner in Italian food restaurant. Took the late train back to New Haven.

17 November (Thursday)

Had lunch with Emily Ray (Catalog Librarian, Cataloguing Department) at Au Bon Pain cafe. Arranged meetings with staff from Electronics Department in SML. We had two more public tours of visitors in SRR. Creating preliminary records for Kozmenko.

18 November (Friday)

Meeting with Lithuanian lady Elona Vaisnys for lunch at Bruegger's. Went to Yale Traveler Services to get train tickets for my trips to Boston and Washington, DC. Visited British Art Museum and their Library. Jennifer Krivickas (Assistant Librarian, Reference Library & Photo Archive, Yale Center for British Art) gave me a brief tour around the area.

19 November (Saturday)

Yale University vs. Harvard University - American football game in the Yale Bowl: meeting friends and having a tailgate party.

20 November (Sunday)

Preparing for trip to Boston.

Week 13 (November 21 - November 27)

21 November (Monday)

Took the Regional Amtrak to Boston. After checking in Harvard Inn Hotel went around the Harvard University Campus in Cambridge. Met Bradley L. Schaffner (Head, Slavic Division) in Widener Library, Harvard College Library, Yale University. He introduced me to the staff of the Slavic Division and gave me a tour of Widener Library. Had a meeting with Elizabeth McKeigue (Research Librarian). She showed me how electronic information and electronic services are provided in Harvard University for students and other users of the library. Anna Rakityanskaya (the Russia and FSU Studies Librarian) and Joanna Epstein (the Polish Studies Librarian) joined us for lunch at the Faculty Club. In the afternoon we visited Harvard College Observatory Library (very interesting - I found some materials and information from Vilnius University) and European Studies Librar, a small library, but very beautiful and interesting - they collect books, periodicals, videos, CDs from Europe, but only those, which are not common in other libraries - a very valuable collection. After these meetings I went to the Natural History Museum (Harvard Peabody Museum).

22 November (Tuesday)

On Tuesday I went to Fogg and Sackler Museums. Saw the exhibition "Evocative Creatures: Animal Motifs and Symbols in East Asian Art". Later I explored Cambridge area and crossed the George River to Boston. Walked around Boston University area. Walked through the beautiful Public Garden to Newberry Street, which is the shopping street. Took a lot of pictures. In the evening took the Regional Amtrak back to New Haven.

23 November (Wednesday)

Met Jennifer Weintraub (Digital Collections Specialist, SML). Learned about databases in Yale University Library system. SRR received a large load of gift books from Library of Congress. Started processing these gift books.

24 November (Thursday)

Had Thanksgiving dinner with Lithuanians Zenaida and Paul Lantuch. They prepared everything in American style: a turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes, and a pumpkin pie. That was very good. Later I met my friends and they took me to Rudy's Cafe. There were a lot of bands from New Haven and they played cover tunes.

25 November (Friday)

Elona Vaisnys and I had a trip to Putnam, CT. I did some research at the American Lithuanian Cultural Archives (Amerikos Lietuviu kulturos archyvas ALKA). Juozas Rygelis (Director, ALKA) gave me a tour for whole day. They have a nice museum, which represents the history, traditions and features of Lithuanian nation. Then there is a big library where old, rare books, documents, 800 titles of periodicals could be found. The most amazing thing I saw there are archives: huge amount of materials, important documents, old preprints and other information is there and nobody uses it properly. My new task was to prepare some suggestions in order to classify and organize the library and archives. Maybe my ideas in future will help ALKA to become more visible. In this arachives work many intelligent and bright Lithuanian people and they take care of and preserve enormous resources of knowledge and information. The same day I visited the Lithuanian monastery "The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary". Had lunch and dinner with sisters Bernadeta, Eugenija, Margarita and Ona. Visited their small but very nice and interesting library in the monastery.

26 November (Saturday)

Spent day with Lithuanians and had a party in Bruce and Loralee's place.

27 November (Sunday)

Met Tucker and had a nice dinner in his friends home in Weston, CT. I had opportunity to see that wealthy suburb where such famous people as Johnny Depp and Keith Richards own homes.

Week 14 (November 28 - December 4)

28 November (Monday)

Receiving gift books from Library of Congress.

29 November (Tuesday)

Receiving gift books from Library of Congress. Preparing for the trip to Washington DC.

30 November (Wednesday)

Receiving gift books from the Library of Congress. Took afternoon Acela Express train to Washington, DC. My cousin and his wife picked me up in Union Station. Tour around the train station - Union Station. Short driving tour around the city. The first night I saw the US Capitol (home to both the House of Representatives and the Senate), the White House (the Official residence of the US President), the Supreme Court (the biggest court in the United States and the last stop in issues of constitutionality), the Washington Monument (555 -ft (170 m) marble obelisk is seen from all over the city), and the Lincoln Memorial.

1 December (Thursday)

Visited the Library of Congress (LC). Meeting with Adrija Henley (Senior Acquisitions Specialist responsible for Lithuania, Acquisitions Department, LC). She gave me an interesting tour around the Madison Building.

Don Panzera (Head, European/Latin American Acquisitions Division) met me and we had a very interesting talk about the managing electronic information in the libraries. He introduced me to their activities on this special field and plans and projects for the nearest future. That was very interesting for me and I really appreciate Adrija Henley, who gave me several new articles on electronic information topics.

Met Regina Frackowiak (Reference Librarian, European Division, LC) who showed me around the Thomas Jefferson Building. I saw huge stacks and amazing reading rooms for area collections - the Southeast Asian, South Asian, Mongolian, Tibetan, Chinese, and Korean Collections in the Asian Division and the interesting and nice Hispanic Division. Gorgeous and very beautiful spaces impressed me a lot - amazing architecture! Over four thousand people work in LC - a wonderful "library town"! Spent some time in the European Reading Room with Regina Frankowiak. Discussed collection problems, I was introduced to LC web site and databases. Talk about the possibilities of cooperation between LC and National Library of Lithuania in the field of digital projects, Later I met my friend Greg and we had a nice dinner in restaurant "Laurial Plaza" (Mexican food). Walked around the Georgetown and the Dupont Circle area. Beautiful!

2 December (Friday)

Took metro around Washington, DC. Back in LC again (Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Adams Buildings). Shopping in LC souvenir store. Saw the exhibition "Bound for Glory: America in Color 1939-43". Got LC Reader Identification Card - hope to use that library again. Visited the Lithuanian Embassy. Saw a photography exhibition "In My Stairwell" by a famous photographer Mark Seliger in Govinda Gallery, Georgetown. Had a nice dinner in "Paparazzi" (Italian food restaurant).

3 December (Saturday)

Took a metro to the Mall. Day for exploring museums! Visited National Air and Space Museum (watched there an IMAX movie "Magnificent Desolation 3D: Walking on the Moon" - that was great!), National Museum of Natural History, National Museum of American History, National Gallery of Art. Walked around the Mall for hours. Had dinner in the Greek food restaurant Sanit-Ex (14 th and T Street NW, Washington, DC).

4 December (Sunday)

Went to Baltimore (the Inner Harbor) to see the National Aquarium (saw the dolphin exhibit, sharks). We toured the Inner Harbor and saw the submarine USS Torsk 423, and other various vessels like the USS Constitution. A night photo safari in Washington, DC (the Mall again - it is gorgeous!). Had dinner at the Hard Times Café. Went to "Barnes and Noble" bookstore and purchased a movie "Madagascar".

Week 15 (December 5 - December 11)

5 December (Monday)

Met some friends in Washington, DC and took Acela train back to New Haven, CT.

6 December (Tuesday)

Back in SRR. Creating preliminary records for Kozmenko books. Meeting with Lithuanians: Elona Vaisnys, Rimas Vaisnys, Vaiva Vebraite, and Darius Gudelis. Talked about experience living in New Haven and working at Yale University.

7 December (Wednesday)

Creating preliminary records for Kozmenko books. Participated in Annual Reception organized by The Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and The Counsel of European Studies. Tucker took me to see my favorite music band U2 concert "Vertigo" in Hartford Civic Center in Hartford (the capital of CT)! I was so excited to see the show they made. I loved seeing the city too.

8 December (Thursday)

Receiving gift books from the Library of Congress. Meeting with Kimberly Parker (Head, Electronic Collection, SML). Learned about managing electronic information and electronic services in SML.

9 December (Friday)

Receiving gift books from the Library of Congress.

10 December (Saturday)

Took my pictures to Camera Shop and did some shopping for Christmas in Milford. Drove with my friends to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, in NYC to visit friend. Took subway into Manhattan, went to Times Square, walked around Theater District. Went to Rockefeller Center and saw a wonderful Christmas Tree! Walked down ritzy Park Avenue to Grand Central Station and took subway downtown to lower East Side. Went to jazz music concert.

11 December (Sunday)

Picked up photos at Camera Shop in Milford. Had a nice lunch in Au Bon Pain and went to a movie theater the Showcase Cinemas in Orange (CT) and saw "Syriana".

Week 16 (December 12 - December 18)

12 December (Monday)

Met Dr. Kristaps Keggi for the first time. Tatjana Lorkovic took us to nice lunch at Mory's restaurant. Talked about my internship. Went to OISS (Office of International Students and Scholars) and met people from my English course and ELI (English Language Institute). We had a nice Christmas party.

13 December (Tuesday)

Started working on my internship report. Met my friend and went to play bowling in Hamden Lanes, Hamden, CT.

14 December (Wednesday)

Working on my report. Attended Annual Holiday Party at Bienecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. It was very nice to meet my colleagues from SML and other libraries of Yale system. Elona Vaisnys took me to the Long Wharf Theatre to see "Black Nativity" performance (by Langston Hughes).

15 December (Thursday)

Working on my report. Receiving gift books from Library of Congress and exchange books from National Library of Latvia. Creating new records for Kozmenko books.

16 December (Friday)

Creating new records for Kozmenko books. Working on my report. Met my friends and went to a Christmas party.

17 December (Saturday)

Went to DWV and got Non-driver Photo Identification Card! Bought some presents for my family and started packing my things. Nice Christmas dinner in Zenaida and Pauls' Lantuch house. Zenaida prepared a traditional Lithuanian dish Kugelis. Attended Christmas party at Bruce and Loralee's house.

18 December (Sunday)

Week 17 (December 19 - December 23)

19 December (Monday)

Tatjana Lorkovic invited SRR staff to a very nice lunch at Mory's. Met Suzanne Lorimer (Coordinator of Research Services, Sterling Reference Collection, SML).

20 December (Tuesday)

Worked on report and diary account for the internship and received books.

21 December (Wednesday)

Worked on report and diary account for the internship and received books.

22 December (Thursday)

Worked on report and diary account for the internship and received books.

23 December (Friday)

Left New Haven at 1 p.m. Went to NYC JFK and took flight to Amsterdam. Later caught a flight from there to Vilnius, Lithuania.