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Internship Program 2008 Fall

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Vilma Karvelyte
September 18 - December 18, 2008

photo of Vilma Karvelyte

As an intern of the Yale University Library Baltic Internship Program I had a wonderful opportunity to work for three months in the second largest academic library in the world. I was the ninth visiting librarian to come to Yale University Library under the auspices of the Dr. Kristaps Keggi Baltic Internship Program, the seventeenth intern hosted by the Slavic and East European Collections and the second intern from Lithuania.

I have been working at the Vilnius University Library Scientific Information Data Center (MODUS) since February 2008. The Center was created to help enhance the joint activities of the Library and the University and to help facilitate participation in national programs of higher education information supply and to initiate such programs within my country of Lithuania. Accordingly, I am responsible for analyses of the newest information regarding innovative information services for academic communities, for national, regional and international scientific projects in our library, as well as their coordination and management. Moreover, our library seeks to work closely with older faculty libraries in order to transform them into modern information resources centers with the aim of providing students and professors with a high quality and level of services and the latest information about these developments. My library has started an important new project -  the establishment of a modern Scholarly Communication Center which will provide top-flight services to academic and business communities. I take an active part in all these initiatives mentioned above. Hence the opportunity to work three months in one of the world's leading research libraries was a rewarding experience, which in turn helped me to improve my professional knowledge and to gain new insights and new ideas. I learned many different aspects of librarianship and acquired a lot of practical knowledge in various areas of American libraries' everyday work.

My work experience in the Slavic and East European Collections

During the first week of my stay most of the time I spent in the Slavic and East European Reading Room, where I learned how to create preliminary bibliographic records for books, put them on a electronic purchase order and then sent the processed books to the Cataloging Department. I also learned how to search and download full records from the Library of Congress and to work with the MARC 21 format for bibliographic data. I became familiar with the American transliteration rules from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet and assisted my colleagues with the selection of new Lithuanian books from various library exchange partners' offer lists. I also became quite proficient in working with the Voyager Cataloguing and Acquisition Modules. Because of my experience with specialized software for public and school libraries in Lithuania, it was not hard for me to learn how to use Voyager. At the same time it was very interesting to me to compare those two different systems.

It was really a great experience not only to learn about everyday acquisition work, but also to observe how my colleagues in the Slavic Reading Room provide high quality reference services, to see how they help students and researchers in fruitfully obtaining information regarding the fields of Slavic and Baltic literature, history and politics.

I was fascinated about Yale's Course Reserves services. I think it's a great idea that instructors can place their material on reserve and that students always can find these materials all shelved together in one place. Indeed, I have already talked about this practice to colleagues in my library in Vilnius and we are thinking about how to implement something similar as well.

Visits to different libraries and departments of the Yale University Library

In addition to my work in the Slavic and East European Collections, I tried as much as possible to see various other Yale University libraries and departments. I really can say now that it was worth it because every library/department I visited and every single person I met had something new and very interesting to tell me about their workplace and with every meeting I received a more complete picture about the Yale library system, structure, services and workflows.

Regarding the specifics of my home library department, I was very interested in many diverse fields, but I was most keen on learning about electronic resources and library services - reference services and social media tools, digital collections and the preservation of digital content, virtual exhibits, institutional repositories, open access policy and subject gateways - because this is a challenging issue now not only in my library, but in most European and American libraries as well. I am very grateful to my Yale supervisor Tatjana Lorkovic, who helped me to arrange so many very precious meetings with other Yale library colleagues involved in those activities. I was very busy until the end of my stay, visiting eleven individual libraries of the Yale Library System, every week having from two to seven official meetings at various locations all around the Yale University Campus. It was captivating for me to witness the workflow of such a large and structured group of libraries that comprise the Yale University Library system.

I was especially impressed to learn about library services and Yale's usage of social networking tools or the so-called interactive web for promoting library services and resources in the easiest way possible. I learned a lot about how the Yale university libraries (especially the science libraries) use Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, Webblogs, LibGuides etc. in order to promote library events, keep staff and patrons updated on daily activities, add tags, make online tours, provide reference services, share notices and in general communicate with its patrons.

Thanks to Meg Bellinger, Director, Office of Digital assets and Infrastructure, I familiarized myself not only with the Yale Library, but also with the entire gamut of Yale University's current digital initiatives, priorities and plans. I also had many very interesting discussions with librarians from diverse Yale Library departments about preservation policies and their strategies of collecting traditional and digital materials, copy right issues, digitization and electronic collections selection criteria, preservation metadata standards and open access of scientific publications.

I also would like to highlight my visit to the Yale Medical Library, where I learned a lot about the Yale Medical School Institutional Thesis Repository, it's policy issues and implementation, all of which were significant problems for me, since we want to create an institutional repository in the Vilnius University Library. I had many outstanding questions, to which Charles Greenberg, the Coordinator, in the Curriculum and Research Support division of the Medical Library, helped me to find satisfactory answers.

I greatly appreciate the knowledge and experience of all the library specialists here at Yale and I'm so thankful that they shared their experiences with me.

Visits to other libraries in America

During my internship I had a chance to visit three other of the biggest research libraries in U.S.: the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library and the Harvard University Library. These trips were extremely exciting and instructing experiences. I also had one extra trip, where I travelled to Seattle and Tatjana arranged for me a meeting with librarians at the University of Washington Library, which has one of a biggest Lithuanian language collections. In all these libraries I felt really welcome. I met great people, took part in very interesting library tours and participated in many short but very useful meetings. I had yet another chance to discuss the preservation of digital materials (selection criteria, methodology and workflow), to learn about digital initiatives, electronic services, public relations and marketing, virtual exhibits, and different reference tools. Moreover, I was able to acquire some knowledge in certain fields very new for me, such as web archiving, preservation of newspapers, maintenance and management of portals, and the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation program (NDIIPP). I learned a lot and I was also quite impressed with the architecture of all the different library buildings I saw, from the ancient Greek style of the Library of Congress to the very modern and unique appearance, consisting of several discrete "floating platforms"  covered in glass, of the Seattle Public Library.


Working at Yale I had an opportunity to attend several wonderful seminars, lectures and discussion groups as well. I attended a forum entitled "On the Record" about Electronic Media and the Preservation of news items in the New York Public Library, which discussed the many challenges regarding the survival of yesterday's news for future researchers. I was at a presentation about the "World Digital Library" Project, given by John Van Oudenaren, Director of the said project. Later I met Mr. J. Van Oudenaren at the Library of Congress and we talked about opportunities for the Vilnius University Library to contribute to this project. I also attended Lithuanian Prof. Tomas Venclova's lecture on Russian semiotics in the Slavic Languages & Literatures Department in the Hall of Graduate Studies on the Yale campus, which I particularly enjoyed. I also participated in several other lectures: "New audio/music databases and online music services in Yale Library", "Topic modeling for digital libraries", a lecture about genocide etc.

I'm especially grateful for Graziano Kratli, International and Collections Program Support, for giving me the opportunity to make a presentation to Yale Library staff and researchers about my own library and the role it plays both as promoter of cultural heritage and provider of modern services for a new generation of information users in Lithuania.

Social and Cultural Life

My internship at the Yale University Library was a great opportunity not only for improving my professional skills, but also for acquiring a kind of  "worldwide" experience. I had a very rich social and cultural life here, met so many wonderful people from all over the world, attended not only impressive lectures, international evenings and participated in several discussion groups for international students and scholars, but I also saw several great musical concerts, attended international film festivals, and went to see my favorite contemporary dance choreographer Pina Baush performance, the "Bamboo Blues",  at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. I visited many fantastic museums -  at Yale the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Yale University Art Gallery, in Washington D.C.  the National Museum of the American Indian, the National Space and Air Museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and National Gallery of Art, the Sculpture Garden, in New York  the Metropolitan Museum and Guggenheim Museum, and in Seattle -  the Experience Music Project and the Pacific Science Museums. I also succeeded in witnessing a very exciting historical event  -  the U.S. Presidential Elections of 2008. And last but not least - I saw three existing copies of the Gutenberg Bible and listened to the Yale Carillon tolling its bells!

During my studies in Vilnius University I had learned a lot about cultural differences and diversity, but even thought this provides a good intellectual basis, it cannot replace the real experience of being abroad in another country, culture and society. Living here I experienced American culture first-hand as cosmopolitan, outstanding, friendly and very hospitable. Not only at work but also in my daily life people were very nice to me and the relaxed atmosphere and hearty welcome made it easy for me to feel comfortable in this country.

Meetings with the Lithuanian community

During my internship in New Haven I got to know several Lithuanians living here and became involved in a very active social and cultural life of the local (or Connecticut) Lithuanian-American Community. I was so very glad to meet Prof. Tomas Venclova, Zenaida Lantuch, Dr. Elona Vaisniene, Prof. Rimas Vaisnys and especially Sigita Simkuvien -  Rosen who introduced me to many other very interesting Lithuanian people, got me involved in different cultural activities and helped me to adapt to a new culture. Because of their friendliness, I had several opportunities to travel around Connecticut, to go to Boston, to participate in the collection presentations of the famous Lithuanian fashion designer Vida Leonaviciute Insodiene, to attend the official Art Opening for the young but very talented Lithuanian painter Rolandas Kiaulevicius, to make a wonderful tour around the Yale University campus and to attend lectures about the Yale study system. I was also very happy to meet the very nice Lithuanian ladies working in other American libraries: Adrija Henley and Lina Zilionyte  from the Library of Congress and Lijana Holmes from the University of Washington Library. It was such a pleasure to discuss with them about U.S. culture and their work in these astounding libraries.

I made many new friends and I believe we'll stay in touch in the future.


In summary I can say with real conviction that my internship at the Yale University Library was a very rewarding experience which not only expanded my knowledge on many library issues that I find challenging and interesting but also helped me to improve my professional skills and provided me with some new perspectives that I had not previously come across during work at my own institution. The internship also gave me a great opportunity to acquire a more "worldwide" experience, to extend my personal horizons, enriching my view of this unstoppably changing world and in creating new links between librarianship and greater understanding. It was a wonderful opportunity to acquire a cross-cultural experience and to meet other professionals from the same field of librarianship. I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time, talking not only about the professional context of our work but also about lessons for a lifetime -  lessons that I will never forget.

I want to express my gratitude to all my colleagues at the Yale library who contributed so greatly to making my stay so enjoyable. The support from the library side was absolutely great, I really appreciate the way I have been assisted through this internship from the beginning. Thank you all so much and I am looking forward to future networking opportunities, so very important for us all, living in this ever more globalized world.

Below is the schedule of activities in which Ms. Karvelyte participated while at Yale:
18/09/2008 (Thursday)

My trip to New Haven started on September 18th at Vilnius international Airport, where I took a flight to Helsinki and afterwards to New York city. After almost 15 hours of traveling I finally arrived to New Haven, it was quite dark already so I was extremely happy to meet my colleague William Larsh there, who helped me with carrying things and finding my new home at 111 Linden street.

19/09/2008 (Friday)

At 8:30 am I started my first working day in the Slavic and East European Collection at the Sterling Memorial Library (SML). I met my new colleagues: Tatjana Lorkovic (Curator of Slavic and East European Collections), Julia Muravnik (Acquisitions Assistant) and Judit Balassa (Acquisitions Assistant). William Larsh helped me to do all necessary procedures: I registered in the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), applied for Yale University Health Insurance, got my Yale ID card, opened a bank account, went to the Yale Tax office and looked around the campus a bit. In the evening I went to Toad’s place to see the Dinosour Jr concert.

20/09/2008 (Saturday)

On a way downtown I visited the Yale Peabody museum of Natural History, saw a very interesting photo exhibition: "Jungles: Photographs by Frans Lanting". Weather was beautiful so later I just walked with a map in my hands, taking photos and enjoying the sun. In the afternoon I went to Milford to visit my colleague's Julija family, had some time left so walked in an arts and jewelry market and talked with local people.

21/09/2008 (Sunday)

On Sunday morning I continued discovering New Haven. I went to Edgerton Park, where there was a book fair, different attractions, bake sales, music etc. In the Community Garden I talked with a nice woman named Elise, who invited me to come to work as a volunteer there. I promised to call her if I have some free time, I thought it would be nice. In the afternoon I read different papers about New Haven and Yale University, in order to know more about this place better and to prepare my schedule for upcoming weeks, because I would like to use my time here in the best way I can.

22/09/2008 (Monday)

On Monday I checked a list of Lithuanian books received from an interlibrary exchange partner - the National Library of Lithuania. I met with Maria Hunenko (Catalog Librarian) and Patricia Thurston (Head of Slavic Cataloging, Assistant Head of the Cataloging Dept.) from the Slavic and East European Team. Afterwards I had a coffee break with Tatjana and she introduced me to Dorothy Woodson - Curator of the African Collections, Nannette Stahl (the Judaica Collections Curator) and Judith Schiff (Chief Research Archivist). I also visited the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, subscribed to Yoga classes and ended the day by having an interesting conversation with Tatjana at the Elizabethan Club

23/09/2008 (Tuesday)

Julia trained me how to work with the Voyager Cataloguing and Acquisition modules. I created preliminary records for books, ordered books from the Russian vendor Natalia Kozmenko. I started to learn how to work with MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic data and became familiar with transliteration rules from Cyrillic to the Roman alphabet. I also started attending some English Conversation Groups and went to the Yale Gymnasium

24/09/2008 (Wednesday)

In the morning I woke up earlier and went to work by foot, wanted to make some photos, because it was a very sunny and beautiful day. At work in the Slavic Reading Room, I continued cataloguing Russian books and during my lunch break went to my English Conversation Class

25/09/2008 (Thursday)

In the morning I created bibliographic records, learned how to search and download full records from the Library of Congress. During lunch I went to my yoga class and in the afternoon started to correspond with members from different departments, arranging meetings and visits. I was very happy to receive a couple of e-mails from Lithuanians who work in the Library of Congress and The University of Tasmania (thanks a lot to Tatjana!). I hope to keep in contact with them in the future. I also met Prof. Tomas Venclova and Ken Crilly (Associate University Librarian for Program Development & Research). I had a very nice conversation with Mr. Crilly and a cup of coffee. After work I went to the Welcome event at the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS). where I enjoyed a cozy social evening featuring wine-tasting. At the same evening I also went to the Adam Sliwinski and So Percussion concert.

26/09/2008 (Friday)

On Friday I visited the Library's Privileges office and talked with Jonas Baker about various library services. In the afternoon I continued making arrangements with different departments and processed Latvian and Lithuanian books which were being received as gifts from the Library of Congress. I created preliminary records, attached barcodes, put these books on a purchase order and sent the books to the Cataloging Department. In the evening I went to the Yale Gym.

27/09/2008 (Saturday)

My second weekend in New Haven. I planned to go to New York, but the weather was quite bad so I ended up staying in New Haven and working all day on my Digital Preservation Europe project.

28/09/2008 (Sunday)

I started my Sunday morning by climbing up to the East Rock Park hill. It was a very warm and a bit humid this morning. It reminded me of my summer hiking in northern Finland. On the same day I had a tour around the Yale University campus and a meeting with Prof. Tomas Venclova.

29/09/2008 (Monday)

All day I spend working with Natalia Kozmenko lists and cataloguing. Also I met with Graziano Kratli (International and Collections Program Support).

30/09/2008 (Tuesday)

I visited the Music Library and met with the Curator of the Collection of Historical Sound Recordings, Richard Warren. He told me a lot about the records they have and services they provide, and he showed a few of the classes and the recording studio. I had a wonderful opportunity to look at some old 19th century and early 20th century Edison Cylinders vinyl records and listen to some phono-discs from the beginning of the 20th century. This was exciting!

01/10/2008 (Wednesday)

I had a meeting with Stefan Kramer (Social Science Data Librarian) and Sherlock Campbell (Statistical Support Specialist in the StatLab) at the Social Sciences Library. They gave an overview of Yale's Social Sciences Library services and resources, showed me the library and the StatLab laboratory. We also talked about digital preservation activities related with social science data, which was especially interesting. They told me about their project - Statistical Digital Library EGCDL.

After this meeting I decided to visit the Glassblowing exhibit at the Kline Science Library, met Jessica Kilham (Temporary Science Librarian) there, who told me about Social networking services in their library, so again I learned something new! I also made a quick visit to the Chemistry Library.

In the early afternoon, together with William Larsh, I went to the New Haven Federal Building to apply for a social security card.

02/10/2008 (Thursday)

My day started with a very nice surprise - a short visit of the very nice Lithuanian lady, Zenaida Lantuch, who works at the Sterling Memorial Library as a Conservation assistant. Later on I met with another lady - Eva Bolkovac (Assistant Catalog Management Librarian) from the Catalog and Metadata Services Department. She showed and explained about all of the Yale Library Resources Searching tools. Also we talked about metadata standards and she introduced me to the rest of the staff. In the evening I went to the film festival "Global Lens 2008".

03/10/2008 (Friday)

My day again started with a wonderful surprise -  Zenaida brought me traditional Lithuanian flowers - dahlias. Later I participated in the lecture "Introduction to Russian Semiotics" delivered by Prof. T. Venclova, had lunch with Zenaida and a meeting with Susanne Lovejoy (Acting Music Librarian) in the Music Library. Ms. Lovejoy introduced me to the rest of the team and told me about their collections and services. She showed me a manuscript by the Lithuanian composer Konstantinas Galkauskas. In the evening I went to the film festival "Global Lens 2008".

04/10/2008 (Saturday)

On Saturday I did some shopping, had a nice walk downtown and attended a Croatian movie titled "All for free" at the "Global Lens 2008"  film festival.

05/10/2008 (Sunday)

I planned to go to the seaside, but the weather was not so good, so after breakfast I just did other things: cleaned my flat, did my laundry, and went to the library to check e-mails, had a nice lunch in a noodle place and went again to the Global Lens festival (saw 2 movies: "The Bet Collector" and "Let the wind blow"). And in the evening I worked a bit in the Yale library preparing for my upcoming training event in Prague.

06/10/2008 (Monday)

My third week here just started. I know already quite a lot about the Yale Library now and I have met many interesting people. I think it's a good start. On Monday I had a very nice lunch with Ann Okerson (Associate University Librarian for Collections and International Programs Yale University) in Mory's Club. We talked about Course Reserve service, Open Access, Institutional Repositories and eIFL licenses. In the evening Prof. Elona Vaisnys took me to a "Salt and Peppers Gospel Singers" rehearsal. Every day here brings so much! Bought tickets to Seattle for a trip during the Thanksgiving week. I will go to see the University of Washington Library and the Seattle Public Library, both of which I have heard are so modern and beautiful!

07/10/2008 (Tuesday)

Today I was in a presentation about the World Digital Library, given by John Van Oudenaren, Director of the project. It was really impressive and very interesting. Such a huge project, which will make available on internet in multilingual format significant primary materials from cultures around the world. In the afternoon I was signed for the tour at the Preservation Department, but it was cancelled, so I just did some exploring of the Yale Library website.

08/10/2008 (Wednesday)

In the morning I had a meeting and very interesting talk with David Walls (Preservation Librarian), during my lunch with Suzanne LoveJoy.

09/10/2008 (Thursday)

I had a meeting with Lisa Conathan (Processing Archivist), who gave me a very interesting tour of the Beinecke library.

10/10/2008 (Friday)

I had lunch with Graziano Kratli in a very nice Indian restaurant. He talked about the Yale library organizational structure. We also talked about website administration and usability, it was a great conversation. In the afternoon he made a Library tour for me and 2 other people from Nordic countries. I got acquainted with Rene Soborg Alslund, a Librarian from the Parlamentary Library of Denmark and Tiina Hakkarainen from Tampere University in Finland. Graziano told a lot about the architecture of the Sterling Memorial Library building, showed us various reading rooms, the stacks, told about electronic services and introduced us to the SML website. Later I looked over the library website, read about course reserves, RefWorks and Subject guides. In the evening Tanja invited me for dinner, where I met many other librarians and faculty members.

11/10/2008 (Saturday)

In the morning I took a train to New York, went to JFK airport and had a flight to Prague, Czech Republic.

12/10/12 - 12/10/17

I spent all week in Prague in our DPE/Planets/CASPAR/nestor Joint Training Event: "Starting out: Preserving Digital Objects - Principles and Practice" which was organized in cooperation with the "WePreserve" Forum.

18/10/2008 (Saturday)

I returned from Prague quite late in the evening and went to sleep, felt very tired.

19/10/2008 (Sunday)

On Sunday morning I stayed at home, wanting to unpack things and do laundry. Around lunch time I walked to the Library to check e-mails and in the evening went to the East Rock Hill to see the sunset. Was a beautiful day, but I still felt very tired after my trip.

20/10/2008 (Monday)

Back to New Haven, back to work. Half the day I spent checking and replying to my e-mails, during lunch I had meeting with Stefan Kramer in an Indian Restaurant. I told him more about the DPE project where I work and our training events. Was very nice to meet him again, we arranged that someday I'll show tools we produced in DPE project. Good to know that I also can share my knowledge and be of service to people working here at Yale.

21/10/2008 (Tuesday)

It was a very intensive and very interesting day. I had two visits - in the morning I went to Divinity School Library, where I met with Yale Divinity Librarian Paul Stuehrenberg, who gave me a tour of his library and told me about the library collections. I also met with two very nice ladies: Research and Electronic Services Librarian Amy Limpitlaw and Reference and Instructional Services Librarian Suzanne Estelle-Holmer, who showed me what electronic services the Divinity School Library provides. In the afternoon I went to the SML Preservation Department to meet again with David Walls, he showed me what his department is doing and gave me a guided tour. We visited the Conservation Laboratory, Collections Care, and the Reformatting and Media Preservation departments. We discussed the possibility that maybe in the future we could make a digitization project together - the Yale University Library and the Vilnius University Library.

22/10/2008 (Wednesday)

In the morning I participated in a demonstration on new audio/music databases and online music services, presented by Suzanne LoveJoy and Richard Boursey. I was also at the Social Security Administration office downtown to find out what happened to my Social Security Card, which never arrived in the mail. In the evening I had dinner with a Lithuanian family house.

23/10/2008 (Thursday)

Had a trip to New York. Attended "On the Record" -A Forum on Electronic Media and the Preservation of News in New York Public Library. This forum brought individuals from journalism and the news media, business, policy research together with those who map library strategies for collecting and preservation to explore challenges ensuring the survival of yesterday's news for future study. Was very interesting to hear so many great speakers.

24/10/2008 (Friday)

I had lunch with Zenaida Latuch and read some information I had collected during my recent visits.

25/10/2008 (Saturday)

Once again I took a tour of the library's public areas, because it was Yale's annual fall Open House. Later I met with 2 Lithuanian friends, had a nice walk with them and dinner.

26/10/2008 (Sunday)

I can't believe October already is almost over, and with the internship already more than half way over! Time runs so quickly! All day I spent shopping and in the evening worked a bit on my project.

27/10/2008 (Monday)

I was at my friend's Jenny Ferrar's concert at the Yale School of Music.

28/10/2008 (Tuesday)

I had lunch with Amy Limpitlaw and Carolyn Caizzi (Technology Specialist, Visual Resources Collection from the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library) in a Thai restaurant.  Later we visited the Arts Library where Carolyn showed me their virtual exhibitions.

30/10/2008 (Thursday)

I had great meeting with Rebekah Irwin (Catalog Librarian for Digital Projects at the Beinecke Library), and we talked about copyrights for digital images, digitization selection criteria, scanning levels, virtual exhibits, rescue repository, the Digital Preservation Committee, Beinecke Digital Projects, preservation metadata and metadata standards (PREMIS Task Force) etc. Later I went to yoga class, visited the Yale tax office and listened to a lecture about genocide.

31/10/2008 (Friday)

I toured the Medical Historical Library with Toby Appel (Historical Medical Librarian). Later I participated in a discussion about Halloween at the Office of International Students and Scholars and had lunch with Tiina Hakkarainen, whom I had met at the library tour a week ago . In the evening, with a few Lithuanian friends, I went to decorate the Lithuanian community hall in Hartford for Saturday's Halloween party.

01/11/2008 (Saturday)

All day I spent frying bread with garlic and preparing other dishes for the Lithuanian community party. In the evening I went there, we had a fashion show, poetry, music and dances - it was very nice. I met many Lithuanians: teachers, musicians, poets, photographers etc., and it was very interesting to talk with them about emigration and their life in America.

02/11/2008 (Sunday)

In early morning, together with other intern Maia Simonishvili (a Leading Specialist in the PR & Cultural Program Department at the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia in Tbilisi), we caught a train to Washington D.C., to visit the Library of Congress. The day was beautiful, so after checking into our hotel I went for a walk, visited several museums on the way: the National Museum of the American Indian, the National Air and Space museum, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. In the evening I and several colleagues from the Library of Congress went with Maia for dinner.

03/11/2008 (Monday)

In the morning Regina Frackowiak (Reference Librarian from European Division, LC) met us in the main lobby of the hotel and took us to the Library of Congress. She was very nice and conducted a short tour in the Jefferson Building. Afterwards we met with Georgette Dorn (Acting Chief of European Division), Grant Harris (Head of European Reading Room) and Harry Leich (Russian Specialist). We talked about our visit and our institutions. Later I had a very interesting meeting with Ken Nyirady (Reference Specialist in Hungary and Russian Finno-Ugrian Area) to discuss LC's "Portals to the World" project. At the same day we also met with the Public Affairs Specialist -Â Audrey Fisher - to discuss public relations, marketing and publicity activities. She told us about the National Book Festival which was especially interesting and she gave me a lot of publicity materials to read. During lunch I got acquainted with a librarian from Lithuania, Adrija Henley (Senior Acquisitions Program Specialist). We had a very nice conversation about her work in the Library of Congress and about our native country. In the afternoon Maia and I continued our meetings. We met with Abbey Potter and Michelle Gallinger from the Office of Strategic Initiatives, to discuss digital preservation projects and initiatives at the Library of Congress. We also talked about the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation program (NDIIPP). Later on we had one more meeting - with Betsy Nahum-Miller and Kimberly Curry from the Interpretive Programs Office to discuss virtual exhibitions and at the end of the day we again met with Regina Frackowiak in her office where she demonstrated digital reference tools (QuestionPoint / Ask-a-Librarian). In the evening I had yet another meeting - I went for tea with another Lithuanian librarian from the Library of Congress - Lina Zilionyte. She recommended that I go visit Dupont Circle, so I took the metro and towards the end of the day went there for a walk.

04/11/2008 (Tuesday)

Tuesday morning started with an interesting meeting with Ken Nyirardy, who told me more about library electronic services, web archiving, maintenance and management of Portals. Later I again met with Adrija Henley. This time she told me more about her job, we talked about acquisition and selection criteria, and she gave me a tour of her department and introduced me to her colleagues. Later I and Maia had a chance to meet with the Director of the World Digital Library project, John Van Oudenaren, who told us more about this project and opportunities to contribute. And finally after a nice lunch with Grant G. Harris in a Mexican restaurant, we looked at the patrons registration program - how it works and what kind of data the Library of Congress collects on its patrons. At the end of the day we also had a short but nice tour around the library's public spaces with Harry Leich. Before getting on the train to New Haven, I made a quick visit to the National Gallery of Art. There so many things to see in Washington D.C., I was very happy I went there. It is just a pity we had so little time for such a huge library.

05/11/2008 (Wednesday)

All day in New Haven I replied to my e-mails and read information sheets which I brought from the Library of Congress.

06/11/2008 (Thursday)

In the morning I had a meeting with Gregory Eow, Kaplanoff Librarian for American History and American Studies from Research Services and Collections. He told me how he created a guide for conducting U.S. History and American Studies research at the Yale University Library. It was extremely interesting, because he tried to make it user-friendly, attractive and interactive all at the same time by using a Web 2.0 content management and information sharing system designed specifically for Libraries - LibGuides. He provides not only links to recommended pages, but also explains what is in this website and why it can be useful for students and researchers, and divides information into several groups depending on the user category, because they have different knowledge levels and different needs. I liked it very much how he made his LibGuide!

During lunch I was at my yoga class.

In the afternoon I visited the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library, met with Charles Greenberg (Coordinator, Curriculum and Research Support) and Mark Gentry, Clinical Support Librarian. Charles gave us a tour in the library, talked about library services and collections, and he invited us to participate in the training for  Refworks - an online research management, writing and collaboration tool, about which I already read earlier. It was very interesting to see how it works in real life. Charles also told me and Maia about the Yale medicine thesis digital library project. This project is very relevant for our libraries, so we (Maia and I) arranged to meet and to talk more about it some other day.

07/11/2008 (Friday)

In the morning I participated in the lecture "Topic modeling in digital Libraries" delivered by David Newman (University of California). Was very interesting, it's an absolutely new thing to me. He told how topic modeling helps to streamline searching within collections, helps to discover hidden structures in documents that goes beyond keyword search. On the same day I also had a meeting with Daniel Lovins (Catalog Librarian at the Metadata and Catalogue services) to talk about the open source catalog interface Yufind. On the evening I met with my Lithuanian friends and we went to see the official Art Opening for Lithuanian painter Rolandas Kiaulevicius - "Balancing Act" at Marylou Fischer Gallery, Guilford and later we had a nice dinner in Italian restaurant.

08/11/2008 (Saturday)

Cleaning, working on DPE project, shopping. In the evening I went to meet with some friends.

09/11/2008 (Sunday)

I went to Boston with my friend Sigita. Had a nice walk there, visited the Prudential Tower building and participated in a collection presentation of a fashion designer from Lithuania - Vida Leonaviciute Insodiene.

10/11/2008 (Monday)

All day I worked on my upcoming presentation about the Vilnius University Library and during lunch I went to my Yoga class.

11/11/2008 (Tuesday)

Maia and I gave our presentations in the SML Lecture Hall about our respective institutions and the role they play both as repositories and promoters of cultural heritage. Later on I had a very nice lunch with Dr. Kristaps Keggi, donor of the Yale Baltic Library Internship and an eminent doctor in the field of othopaedics, and Tatjana. In the evening I went to a Lithuanian friend's house where we made traditional Lithuanian dish "kugelis".

12/11/2008 (Wednesday)

At the Medical Library for the second time I met Charles Greenberg to discuss institutional repositories. He told me about the The Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD), we also talked about the International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations, the Yale Medicine Thesis Digital Library Project, how they started it, how they convinced students to submit their thesis and dissertations, who makes metadata etc. We also discussed the Personal Librarian program, which I liked a lot.

13/11/2008 (Thursday)

Worked with Creative Commons licenses for DPE project Training material repository, replied to e-mails and in the evening was at a wonderful symphony concert at Woolsey Hall "Pathetique".

14/11/2008 (Friday)

On Friday I went to New York to visit the New York Public Library. In the morning I had a meeting with Werner Haun (Collections Conservator in Barbara Goldsmith Preservation Division) and Kenneth Springle (Head of Preservation Division of Shelf and Binding Prepration). They told about preservation practice in their library: workflow, treatment, housing, disaster response etc. They also showed me the protective enclosure request form. Later I went to the Slavic, East European, Baltic, and Eurasian Resources of NYPL and met with the Curator Edward Kasinec. He conducted a tour for me of the library. Later on I walked around the Library on my own, visited several exhibits: one was about Art Deco Design and the other about preservation of collections in this library. In the afternoon I also visited the Metropolitan Museum and went to the Jazz philharmonic concert at the Manhattan School of Music.

15/11/2008 (Saturday)

Saturday morning I started with a nice breakfast on Broadway, then walked through Central Park to the Guggenheim Museum, I thought if I'm in New York, I have to see as much as possible, especially when the day was really gloomy. On my way to Guggenheim I met a nice Russian couple from Toronto, talked with them a bit about Russia, I also met many people jogging or walking with their dogs. At the Guggenheim, I saw quite a few exhibits: an exhibit by Catherine Opie, an American photographer, the exhibit of Vasily Kandinsky, and some other exhibits. I liked a lot the architecture of that building. Later I just walked all day in Manhattan -  up to 34th Ave, I visited Times Square and in the evening I went to the jazz club Nublu to see the Love Trio concert.

16/11/2008 (Sunday)

On Sunday I went to the Financial District, walked on the shoreline and on a Brooklyn bridge, drank chamomile tea with butter cookies in a Starbucks restaurant and in the afternoon I went back to New Haven. I felt very exhausted.

17/11/2008 (Monday)

On Monday I had a meeting with Nisa Bakkalbasi from the Electronic Collections. She told me about library electronic resources, about the budget for those resources, collection selection criteria. We also talked about copyright issues and statistics of e-collection usage, I had yet another very useful and interesting meeting. During lunch I went to my yoga class.

18/11/2008 (Tuesday)

Daily things: reading and writing e-mails, working a bit on DPE trainings, reading information on a library website. The Slavic Reading Room staff and I also had a lunch all together at the York Side Pizza Restaurant to celebrate Maia's, Natalia's and Judit's work-days and work experiences with the Slavic Reading Room community.

19/11/2008 (Wednesday)

I had a tour of the Lillian Goldman Law Library with Femi Cadmus (Associate Librarian for Administration at the Lillian Goldman Law Library). She showed me library facilities, spoke about library catalogs, circulation cervices, reference services, library collections. This library is very cozy and comfortable!

20/11/2008 (Thursday)

I had a meeting with Jill Parchuck (Director of Social Science Libraries and Information Services). We talked not only about work, but also about Lithuania, because she has some roots from my country, it was a very nice meeting.

21/11/2008 (Friday)

No meetings, I visited the Yale Health Center and corresponded with Michael Biggins (Head, Slavic and East European Section), concerning my visit to the University of Washington Library.

22/11/2008 (Saturday)

In the afternoon I had a flight from New York to Seattle.

23/11/2008 (Sunday)

After breakfast in a very nice hostel in Seattle I had a walk on a beach, saw some running guys and elderly woman with dogs, I also saw snowy mountains (people said I'm lucky, because usually you can see them only 90 days per year) and kids flying kites. Beautiful landscape, I was so happy I managed to come here! In Seattle I had my first Couch Surfing experience, I stayed in a cozy blue house with Cheryl and her housemates: Mike and Brian. It was great fun to spend my time with them! On a same day we went to a farmers' market in Ballard, later on I had sailing lesson with Brian and in the afternoon I went to Viretta Park to find the Kurt Cobain house. People here look "chilled-out" and very kind here, many of them wear hand made clothes.

24/11/2008 (Monday)

My Monday started with a very nice and filling breakfast with Cheryl, later we decided to burn some calories by hiking in the Discovery park. Yet again I am fascinated with the beauty of this place. Later on we went to Locks park, I spent my afternoon in a Zoo park and in the evening went to Square dances. One more great day!

25/11/2008 (Tuesday)

In the morning I had a meeting with Lijana Holmes (Baltic and Slavic Studies Cataloger) and Diana Brooking (Slavic Cataloging Librarian) in the Suzzallo Library - University of Washington. It was a very nice surprise to found out that Lijana is Lithuanian -  I didn't know that. They both were very nice, not only told me about their collections and showed programs they use for cataloging, but also arranged several additional meetings. Diana told me about metadata standards which they use, about Dublin core Metadata Dictionaries, created by Metadata Implementation Group. We also talked about the University of Washington Library digital collections, digital projects, digital repository and DSpace (an open-source platform for accessing, managing, and preserving scholarly works), Diana also gave me some very useful links. Later I had another very interesting meeting with Stefanie Lamson (Assistant Preservation & Reference Services Librarian). She told me about preservation methods, selection criteria, the security of Special Collections, general policies for users and reference policies for chat services. We talked about scholarly communication, open access and institutional repositories. She gave me answers to many questions, I was very happy to meet her. I noticed that one day is not enough to meet everybody I would like to meet and to make a library tour, so we arranged that I'll come back Wednesday again. After my visit to Suzzallo library I wanted to make a boat tour, but the weather was gloomy and cold, so I changed my mind and went to see the Experience Music Project and Pacific Science Museum instead. I also managed to make a quick tour at the Seattle Public Library, because I had heard a lot about its amazing architecture and in the evening I had nice dinner with Cheryl in a Rays restaurant.

26/11/2008 (Wednesday)

Wednesday morning I started by having coffee with Lijana. She told me that the University of Washington Library has one of the biggest Lithuanian language collections in the US, later I had a library tour with Reference Librarian Mark and meeting with Anne Graham (Senior Computer Specialist), we talked about the Digital Initiatives program, DSpace software and Scientific publications data base. I also wanted to meet with Assistant Professor of Baltic Studies Guntis Smidchens, but he was out of the office that day, so I got his email address from Lijana and decided to write him later.  In the afternoon I finally made a ship cruise and visited the Seattle aquarium and in the evening met with my friend Indre in a Pike Market. She showed me around and later we made some small shopping for a Thanksgiving dinner.

27/11/2008 (Thursday)

Thanksgiving day. In the morning we went with Indre to Fremont where she showed me the Fremont Troll and the largest Lenin statue in the US. We had a nice walk around the district and later went home to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for her friends.

28/11/2008 (Friday)

In the morning I went again to the Seattle Public Library, because I wanted to participate in a guided tour around it. I really was fascinated by it's amazing architecture and modern services. Later I had late lunch with Indre and her friend Said in a Chinese restaurant, in the evening we watched a movie and I packed my things.

29/11/2008 (Saturday)

All day I spent traveling back to New Haven.

30/11/2008 (Sunday)

I cleaned my flat, did laundry, went to the grocery and watched TV. We had first snow in the morning! But later it melted away and it was raining all day ... I returned from downtown all wet.

1/12/2008 (Monday)

We have the first day of winter and it's still quite warm. I was in yoga class and had a brief but very interesting meeting with Jennifer Weintraub (Digital Collections Specialist). She told me about Content DM (OCLC) software for digital documents and about the Yale University Library Mass Digitization Project. We also talked a bit about a new digital preservation repository, based on Fedora and selection criteria for book digitization.

2/12/2008 (Tuesday)

I spent all day reading and writing emails, corresponded with Bradley Schaffner (Head of Slavic Division) concerning my visit to Widener Library and read information which I had received from the University of Washington Library.

3/12/2008 (Wednesday)

I had my last yoga class, corresponded with Bradley Schaffner concerning my visit to Widener Library, worked on DPE project.

4/12/2008 (Thursday)

In the morning I had coffee with Graziano Kratli at the Blue Dog Cafe, worked on Creative Commons licenses, replied to various e-mails. In the evening I met with my Lithuanian friends Sigita and Edita.

5/12/2008 (Friday)

In the morning I had coffee with Julia, later I replied to my e-mails, worked on DPE project and in the evening I went to visit my Lithuanian friends.

6/12/2008 (Saturday)

In the morning we with Sigita and Giedre dropped our friend Jurgita off at the hairdresser, later we made traditional Lithuanian potato pancakes in Sigita's house. After the lunch we went with Giedre to the Yale University Art Gallery and we had there a private guided tour. In the evening I went to a German Feuerzangenbowle-get-together party, invited by my German friend.

7/12/2008 (Sunday)

It was a very white Sunday morning, first time I saw so much snow here. I went to Sigita's house to meet Lithuanians from Boston, we made a tour at the Yale Sterling Memorial Library (I had a tour here already the third time : ) and later prof. Rimas Vaisnys told us more about studies at Yale University. Later I went home, worked a bit and went to sleep.

8/12/2008 (Monday)

I visited the Beinecke Rare book and Manuscript library, renovations finally were finished and it is now open to the public! I saw the second copy of the Gutenberg Bible in US (first one I saw in a Library of Congress) and walked around. In the afternoon I went to the Slavic Languages and Literatures Holiday Gathering, met Prof. Tomas Venclova and his wife Tatjana, talked with some students and some other faculty members. We talked with Krystyna Illakowicz (Senior Lector in Polish) about theatre and contemporary dance and she told me that next week the very famous German choreographer Pina Bausch is coming to the Brooklyn Academy of Music with her performance "Bamboo Blues". I thought I definitely have to see it before I leave, even if my schedule is already very full. I remember seeing her performance in Vilnius a few years ago and it was amazing! On a same evening I met with my friend Jenny. Time to say goodbye.

9/12/2008 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday I had my last American trip, I went to Boston to visit Harvard University Library. I arrived one day earlier, so I had a nice walk in the city center, where it was even really cold... On my way I visited the Boston Public Library, had lunch in a Chinese restaurant and in the evening met with my friend Dainius and his partner Liudmila. We went to their house, made a nice dinner and spent the evening chatting by the fireplace.

10/12/2008 (Wednesday)

All day I spent at the Harry Elkins Widener memorial library (HarvardUniversity 's flagship library). In the morning Anna Rakityanskaya, Slavic Librarian, met me by the door and brought me to Bradley Schaffener, Head of the Slavic Division, with whom we talked about Slavic Division Operations and digital projects. He introduced me to his staff. Later I met with Heather Caldwel, Head of Conservation Services and Bill Comstock, Head of Imaging Services. It was very interesting, they showed me their labs, we talked about preservation selection criteria, preservation methodology and workflow, institutional repository, discussed differences between restoration and conservation. We talked about restoration of newspapers. Later I met with Beth Brainard, Director of Communication for Harvard College Library, she showed me the library website, told how they develop it and how they promote library services for users. After this meeting Brad gave me a library tour, showing different facilities and explaining about library services and history. Later with him and Anna I went for lunch. In the afternoon I met with Maggie Hall, Librarian for Collection Digitization Imaging Services, she told me about current digitization projects and digital collections at Harvard: photographic collections, documents, musical scores, prints, drawings, historical maps, books manuscripts etc. And the last meeting was also very interesting - this time in the Fung Library, together with Hugh Truslow (Librarian for the Davis Center Collection) and Elizabeth McKeigue (Research Librarian & Liaison to the Departments of Celtic, Germanic, and Slavic Languages and Literatures) - we discussed the library's Slavic Research portal.

11/12/2008 (Thursday)

In the morning I had a nice breakfast with my friend Liudmila, later did a little shopping and went home by train to New Haven.

12/12/2008 (Friday)

In the morning I wrote several e-mails, filled a survey for Graziano Kratli. Later I had lunch with my friend Jung and then I read information from the Harvard University Library. In the evening I had a farewell party with my Lithuanian friends.

13/12/2008 (Saturday)

On Saturday morning I cleaned my flat, did laundry and later went to my friend's house for breakfast. In the afternoon I went to New York to see the Pina Bausch performance and returned only late at night.

14/12/2008 (Sunday)

In the morning we with my friend Edita went to the East Shore for a walk, weather was beautiful! At the same day I was also invited for lunch to Charles Greenberg's family house. We made Italian pizza and I learned how to make Japanese sushi. It was a very nice afternoon!

15/12/2008 (Monday)

My last week started. I still had several meetings left. I was very happy to meet with Meg Bellinger (Director, Office of Digital assets and Infrastructure), we talked about this new office, current priorities and plans, Yale University digital assets and infrastructure, digital initiatives at the university library and development of digital preservation repository. I enjoyed this meeting a lot! I also had a very nice lunch with Dika Goloweiko-Nussberg (Library Service Assistant, from Manuscripts & Archives).

16/12/2008 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday morning I had my last meeting with Geoffrey Little (Communications Coordinator) to discuss virtual exhibits. On the  same day I had a very nice farewell lunch with William Larsh and in the evening I packed my things and met my Lithuanian friends.

17/12/2008 (Wednesday)

My last day at the Yale. It was a little bit sad - I still wanted to meet many people and say goodbye, but did't have enough time. All day I worked with moving data to my computer, cleaning old documents, writing diary etc. In other words - preparing to go home. I had a wonderful farewell lunch with Tanja and Graziano and in the afternoon I went to the LiSA Library Holiday Party. This was perfect ending and I started to feel it's time to go home. In the evening I met once again with my Lithuanian friend Sigita, we went to buy some presents and had dinner together and I packed my things till late night.

18/12/2008 (Thursday)

In the morning I cleaned my flat, finished packing and at 1 p. m. left New Haven. I went to NYC JFK airport and took flight to Helsinki, Finland. I then caught a flight from there to Vilnius, Lithuania.