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Slavic, East European and Central Asian Collections
Yale University Library Slavic

Locations and institutional affiliations of past interns

1993 M.I. Rudomino Library for Foreign Literature; Moscow, Russia
1994 The Slavonic Library attached to the National Library; Prague, the Czech Republic
1995 The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1996 The Library of the University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy"; Kyiv, Ukraine
1997 The National Parliamentary Library; Kyiv, Ukraine
1999 Vidzeme University College; Latvia
1999 The American University in Bulgaria; Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 The Estonian Academic Library; Tallinn, Estonia (Merged with Tallinn University and today is called the "Academic Library of Tallinn University")
2001 Tartu University Library; Tartu, Estonia
2002 The Latvian Academic Library; Riga, Latvia
2003 National Library of Latvia
2004 National Library of Estonia
2005 National Library of Lithuania
2006 National Library of The Republic of Kazakhstan
2006 Tartu University Library; Tartu, Estonia
2007 National Library of Latvia
2008 Vilnius University Library

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