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Microform Collection: Files of the Communist Party of USA (CPUSA)

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Files of the Communist Party of USA (CPUSA) in the Comintern Archives

Comintern Archives
The Comintern archive consists of all the records created under the authority of the Executive Committee (ECCI) of the Third Communist International. It contains original documents in more than thirty languages from seven Congresses and thirteen ECCI Plenums, by more than seventy Communist and Left Socialist parties, together with different international organizations, often with personal corrections by famous figures in the communist movement.

The CPUSA collection
The CPUSA collection in the Comintern Archives (fond 515) includes 4,313 numbered files (dela). The material in the collection, largely the original headquarters records of the CPUSA shipped to Moscow many decades ago, spans the period from 1912 to 1944 with the bulk in the period from 1922 to 1936.

Many of the documents in this collection are unique; the records are very detailed regarding the history of the CPUSA, particularly its origins in the 1920s and the early and middle 1930s. IDC Publishers makes this very important resource available for research. This collection provides a strong basis for reconstructing an accurate picture of American communism and anticommunism.

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