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Yale Russian Chorus: 1970-79

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Summer 1971: Photo, 8x10 - Leningrad Kapella

YRC conductor Dan Godfrey leading the Chorus in a formal concert in the Leningrad Kapella in the summer of 1971. In the 1970s the YRC increasingly tried to arrange formal concerts in the USSR, often joint events with Soviet singing groups.

March 1973: Photo, 8x10 - National Gallery

Senator Hubert Humphrey continued his association with the YRC. Here he met with the Chorus after it sang in March 1973 for the opening of an exhibit in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC consisting of art lent by Soviet museums.

September 1973: Program - 20th anniversary concert

Program for the 20th anniversary concert in Woolsey Hall in September 1973, directed by Brock Holmes and Denis Mickiewicz.

March 1977: Photo, 5x7 - Leningrad Bronze Horseman

In March 1977 the YRC, working with the help of the Citizens Exchange Council, toured Leningrad, Moscow, Kiev and Tbilisi. The photograph shows the YRC gathered in the snow in front of the "Bronze Horseman", the statue along the Neva River in Leningrad commissioned by Catherine the Great to honor Peter the Great.

March 1977: Photo, 8x10 - Nevsky Theological Seminary

The March 1977 tour included a concert at the Alexander Nevsky Theological Seminary in Leningrad with Alex Kuzma conducting.

September 1978: 25th anniversary concert (Woolsey Hall)

The YRC gave two 25th anniversary concerts, the first in Woolsey Hall on September 17, 1978 and the second, one day later, in Carnegie Hall. Over 120 singers appeared.

September 1978: Program - Carnegie Hall

The 25th anniversary concert in Carnegie Hall was the YRC's first appearance in that hall, with Denis Mickiewicz and Dan Gsovski conducting. There were over 120 singers.

December 1978: Poster - YRC/YSC Christmas concert

The Yale Slavic Chorus began in 1969 as a women's spin-off group, related in spirit to the YRC but with its own repertoire consisting mainly of Balkan songs. The two groups gave many joint concerts.

May 1979: Photo, 5x7 - Leningrad University Student Club

The 1979 tour to the USSR included this appearance at the Student Club of Leningrad University, with Steve Lipsitt conducting.

July 1979: Newsletter with Leningrad poster

In the late 1970s the YRC started publishing a newsletter to keep members and alumni informed of concerts, plans, new officers and conductors and so forth. This July 1979 issue features the poster for one of the May 1979 Leningrad concerts with Steve Lipsitt conducting.